The best rings, necklaces and bracelets to reward in 2021

Table of Contents1 Exceptional fruit2 Sweet treats3 Sunkissed4 Cocktail rings4.0.1 All out there at London…

Exceptional fruit

The extensive and magical creativeness of Gucci’s ready-to-wear-offerings generally thrill with in excess of-the-major coloration mixtures and eye-popping silhouettes — smattered with crystals, feathers and tulle. The Italian brand’s fine jewellery pieces, in contrast, whisper with sensitive discretion. The dwelling signatures are all there, by way of floral-shaped diamonds, golden lion heads and even hidden “GG” symbols. But these mouth watering gems wield their electrical power with tranquil elegance, exquisite construction and delicate glow. Merely place: if you know, you know. 

Gucci Flora 18-k yellow-gold earrings with diamonds, $2,500, “Lion Head” 18-k yellow-gold bracelet with amethyst, $2,800, and Flora 18-k yellow-gold ring with diamonds, $4,700, all at London Jewelers.
Jonathon Kambouris Prop stylist: Alex Brannian

Sweet treats

These outstanding blooms are the height of superior flavor.

Jewelry splayed upon sugary treats.
Jonathon Kambouris Prop stylist: Mia Katoh

From leading: Pasquale Bruni Giardini Segreti “Five Leaves” 18-k white-gold ring with diamonds, $15,700 Buccellati Blossoms “Gardenia” earrings, $240 Leo Pizzo 18-k white-gold ring with diamonds, $27,600 Bulgari Fiorever white-gold necklace with diamonds, $11,100 Buccellati Blossoms “Gardenia” cuff, $1,100 Leo Pizzo 18-k yellow-gold necklace with diamonds, $21,775 Gucci Flora 18-k yellow-gold ring with diamonds, $4,700 Pasquale Bruni Stelle in Fiore 18-k rose-gold earrings with white and champagne diamonds, $11,900


Bask in the zest of glowing gold and dazzling diamonds.

Jewelry posed on fruit.
Arthur Belebeau. Prop stylist: Miako Katoh

From prime: London Assortment 18-k yellow-gold fan earrings with diamonds, $7,755, 18-k yellow-gold cuff with diamonds, $9,075, 18-k yellow-gold hoop earrings with diamonds, $7,920, and 18-k yellow-gold ring with diamonds, $5,390.

Cocktail rings

Elevate your glass to a decadent period of bold baubles.

A woman with jewelry drinking a cocktail.
Arthur Belebeau Prop stylist: Miako Katoh Model: Margo Sah at Elements Types. Make-up by Tiffany Saxby using Charlotte Tilbury Nails by Kayo Higuchi employing DIOR @ Bryan Bantry Agency

From leading: Bulgari B.zero1 yellow-gold ring, $2,650 Picchiotti 18-k yellow-gold ring with diamonds, $18,500, and 18-k white-gold Xpandable ring with diamonds and sapphires, $28,800 Buccellati Ghirlanda “Eternelle” 18-k white-gold ring with diamonds, $22,000 Picchiotti Xpandable 18-k white-gold ring with turquoise ceramic and diamonds, $40,800 London Selection 18-k yellow and white-gold ring with diamonds, $11,200 Picchiotti Xpandable 18-k white-gold ring with black ceramic and diamonds, $36,800 and Bulgari B.zero1 yellow-gold ring with diamonds, $8,550 Dolce & Gabbana top rated, $1,025 at Dolce & Gabbana

All out there at London Jewelers, 2046 Northern Blvd., Manhasset, Long Island