50th Wedding Anniversary – Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Spouse, Parents, or Friends

According to recent statistics compiled by the US Census Bureau, approximately 5 percent of couples have reached their 50th wedding anniversary making this achievement a pinnacle only a few couples attain.

Following are unique 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for those looking for a gift for your spouse, your parents, or your friends.

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Spouse

Although the traditional 50th wedding anniversary gift is gold, it may be a romantic gesture to give the traditional first anniversary gift of paper to express that you love your spouse as much as you did on your first wedding anniversary. This could involve: (1) finding an original edition of your spouse's daily newspaper from his or her date of birth or from your wedding date, (2) finding an old postcard from a place that's meaningful for the two of you, such as from your honeymoon destination, where the proposal occurred, or where you first met (get it framed), or (3) finding an old photo of the two of you to frame.

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Parents

Many couple's most treasured memories are made of paper, such as photographs, love letters and cards, the deed to their house, etc. Consider capturing paper treasures in a gold-bound album. Ask family members, friends, or even former classmates to contribute to an album to commemorate your parents' 50th wedding anniversary.

Or, if your budget permits, coordinate a vacation in celebration of your parents' 50th wedding anniversary. Host a party in recognition of their special anniversary and decorate in a theme related to the vacation, such as a luau if they were heading to Hawaii. During the celebration, announce the special gift as a surprise for your parents.

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Friends

For friends celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, consider arranging for a greeting from the President if you are an American citizen. Greetings can be sent for the 50th wedding anniversary and every subsequent year. You'll need to submit your request to the White House six weeks in advance of the event date. You can find information regarding this at [http://www.whitehouse.gov/greeting/].

Or, since the traditional gift for a 50th wedding anniversary is gold, consider organizing a "golden basket" full of goodies, such as Gold Blend coffee, Golden Grahams and anything wrapped in gold paper. Line the basket with shredded gold paper and add a gold bow.

Use these anniversary gift ideas to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary, or to help your parents or friends commemorate their special day.

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Parents Model Human Interaction!

I just had a great time bringing my five children to the dentist. It was a great time because multiple people complimented my children on their good behavior, and I had a great conversation with a complete stranger.

In this day and age of the Internet where everyone is always connected, wouldn't you agree that our children are missing out on some important stuff that we used to all just take for granted, like talking to people without electronics being involved?

The kids all did a great job at the dentist, and when we got safely back in the car for the ride home, my kids asked me why I was speaking to strangers again. I giggled because they thought it was weird that I would talk to someone I didn't already know. Furthermore, they also thought it was strange that I so easily participated in a conversation with a complete stranger that lasted over an hour.

I looked at my kids, in bemusement not fully understanding what was so odd about me talking to other people. To tell you the truth, I think it would be to humanity's benefit to once in a while put down our electronics or whatever else it is that is keeping us so busy, and take time to notice and converse with one another. There really are no strangers out there; just people who we haven't met yet.

I have to be honest with you though. Believe it or not, I too, at least initially, had my face buried in something at the dentist office, also. I was working on my next book and was not looking to talk to anyone. However, he said, "Hello" and the delightful conversation just took off from there.

Now, as my Granddaddy always said, "Go learn, lead, and lay the way to a better world for all of us. Parents, don't be afraid to be a bit old fashion and show your kids how the whole human interaction thing It is done. And once again parents, thanks in advance for all that you do, and all that you will do …

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Teen Clothing 101 for the Parents: Get to Know More About Teen Clothing

Clothes are an essential part of every teenager's life. Teen girls, most especially, spend a lot of time in front of the mirror trying on clothes and making sure they look good. They buy fashion magazines and look for the latest trends. Teenage boys are no different. They may not ogle at or swoon over the latest fashion, but they do take time in making sure they look good (or impressive for some).

As a parent, it is important to go with the action and understand what teen clothing is all about – without being bossy or interfering with you daughter or son's choices. You don't have to tell them what to wear and what not to put on; you simply need to understand their fashion sense.

Teenage Clothing and Fashion

Teens are often fussy with the clothes they wear. Remember, this is the stage where they're trying to discover more about themselves; the time when they're working on their identity and confidence. Therefore, looking good is important. When they look good, they feel good (about themselves).

Your teenage girl picks her clothes according to what she sees: on TV, in magazines and in the malls. What she sees other teen girls are wearing, she will also want to wear, especially if it's a celebrity you're talking about. So if your teen goes out wearing shorts and a tank top, it's more likely because she saw these clothes on someone else. It's not your fault.

But not all teenage girls are like this. Some, especially the more independent ones, prefer to create their own style. They don't need someone to tell them how they want to look like. They wear anything that makes them feel comfortable. Some prefer to wear jeans and shirt all the time, while others may be more comfortable wearing simple sundresses. Others love wearing plain t-shirt and shorts. They wear what they want and do not really care if it's the "in thing" in fashion or not.

Teenage boys have fashion heroes, too. Not just the rock stars and matinee idols. There are others out there, like sports personalities and young models, who influence teen boys. When these personalities campaign for a certain clothing brand or style, your teenager might want to get one for himself, especially if he likes the way it looks on the celebrity he admires the most.

Like teenage girls, there are also teen boys who prefer to make their own fashion statement. These are young boys who know what they want and understand what they need – the independent and more mature thinking ones.

Working With Your Teen

If you want to be sure that your teenager does not overdo things by "not looking his or her age", work with them. You really don't need to dictate what they can and cannot wear; just show them options. Schedule a regular time for assessing your teen's closet. Do this together with your daughter or son. At the same time, you should also …