Bridesmaid Dresses to Pair With Red Wedding Gown

Red wedding gowns have become increasingly popular with brides who choose the color either to honor their cultural heritage or who just want to wear something other than the traditional white bridal gown. A red wedding gown can be absolutely gorgeous, but it can make it tricky to pick out bridesmaid dresses to coordinate. While any color goes with white, the same is not true of red, after all. These are some terrific ideas for bridesmaid dresses to pair with a red wedding gown.

A red wedding gown can actually take on a lot of different styles, from elegant to retro to dramatic, and that is a great place to begin when shopping for bridesmaid dresses to match your gown. Let’s say that you are having a formal evening wedding, and really want your attendants to look sophisticated and elegant. Black satin column dresses would be very striking for the bridesmaids. You can bring in the red wedding theme with custom red crystal bridesmaid jewelry sets and bouquets of deep red roses. If you want to bring a touch of the bridesmaids’ black to your bridal attire, add some black feathers to your bouquet, and maybe even wear them in your hair.

Black and red are a fairly dark color combination, so it will not suit every wedding. Metallic neutrals are a fantastic option for a chic bridesmaid dress color to pair with a red wedding gown. Silver or pewter chiffon dresses would be elegant for a summer evening wedding. In the autumn, a rich tone like bronze silk dupioni would be magnificent with a bride in red. Match the metallic to the undertone of the red of your wedding gown. If you are wearing a cool cherry red, silver would be a good complement. Brides in rich burgundy would look best surrounded by bridesmaids in warm metallic colors like gold. Glittering Swarovski crystals in a coordinating metallic shade would be great for the bridesmaid jewelry sets.

Red can also be retro, especially if the bride has chosen a tea length red wedding gown. It would be really cute to put your bridesmaids in dresses with a similar silhouette to yours in a color like yellow or pink. The yellow and red can be used together to create a retro picnic feeling. The pink bridesmaid dresses with the red are reminiscent of the popular color combination seen in vintage inspired letter press wedding invitations. This could make for a really unique wedding color palette if you choose to carry it into the decorations.

For brides who like the royal associations of a red wedding gown, the perfect bridesmaid dress color is another one with regal undertones: purple. Rich aubergine bridesmaid dresses will look like the epitome of elegance and style next to a bride in a deep red wedding gown. Tie the colors together with bouquets which combine the red and purple. The bride’s bouquet could be mostly purple flowers with a few red blossoms, and the bridesmaids could carry …

Fitting Your Strapless Wedding Gown

Strapless gowns are the most popular style, and that trend does not show any signs of ending anytime soon. Although the majority of brides wear them, many brides do not know how a strapless gown should really fit. To make sure that you do not have any mishaps on your wedding day, here is what every bride should know about fitting a strapless gown.

The first thing to know is that not all strapless gowns are created equal. And even if you have worn other strapless dresses, such as a prom dress or a sundress, you may not know what to look for in a strapless wedding dress. This is because the weight and complex design of a wedding gown calls for a lot more structure to support it than a regular dress does.

When you are shopping for a strapless wedding gown, the first thing to look at is the structure of the bodice. A strapless dress must have boning in it to keep it from falling down. A bit of smocking or a stretchy neckline is not going to be enough. Some of the inexpensive mass-produced gowns may be lacking in this structure. If you should happen to fall in love with a dress like that, then your best bet is to have a seamstress add spaghetti straps to it. A very pretty look is to have the straps beaded with crystals or pearls to match your bridal jewelry.

Many of the finest strapless gowns will have an inner corset. This is a built in boned piece that fits very snugly at the waist and through the torso, while allowing the dress to float over the structure of the corset. This is a great solution for making the boning less visible in a dress made of lightweight fabrics, such as organza.

An inner corset is also an excellent solution for a strapless dress with an empire waistline, because just boning to the empire seam under the bust is not enough to ensure that your dress will stay up! If you have a long torso, make sure that your gown's inner corset is ordered extra long; otherwise the corset will end up pulling the bodice down to your waist, leaving too much exposed at the top of the bodice.

The number one thing that is going to keep your strapless wedding gown in place is to have it fit tightly through the waist and at the top of the bodice. Dress fitters everywhere are used to having brides say, "It's so tight I can barely breathe!". If you want to breathe, don't choose a strapless gown! As long as the seams are not pulling, it is probably not too tight. A well fitting strapless gown should never gap away from the body at the top, nor should you need tape to stick it to your skin!

The other issue that concerns many brides is the underarm squish that comes from having the top of the strapless dress fit snugly …