Jewelry As Self Expression

Most of us take a stand in what we believe, or represent to others. Often the philosophy that is our ideal has a name, an organization. Those who express themselves as Christians, Eckanar, I Am, Jews, Ramtha Students, Religious Scientists, (and so many more) practice living their Truth, wherever they may be, and are glad to show their spiritual persuations.

Knowing we live and breathe from one divine Source brings loving kindness to our words and acts. Most of us are authentic in our intent to grow spiritually, back to Oneness, whatever our path. Only when we are “lost in the mind,” do we step out of our specific expression of Love, of God, or of the energy field that contains us all.

Symbols play a great part in our expression of Truth. (Truth is only that which is present with us in the moment.) We dress as we see ourselves being Love in action. Wearing jewelry plays a great part in feeling connected to our particular path. It tells the world Who we really are, despite the frequent transgressions of Ego.

Did you know there was jewelry fashioned into a symbol of Oneness? Isaac Soltes created this beautiful statement for harmony and understanding among the world’s great religions and spiritual traditions.His inspired design weaves together the symbols of ancient Egypt, Hinduism, Judaism, Taoism and Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. It truly is the peace symbol of the 21st Century.

Whatever group you represent, I know you’ll find great pleasure in wearing symbols, whether jewelry or not, to stand for what you represent, and Who you really are!

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Jewelry – A Form of Self Expression That Reflects Your Personality

Whatever the occasion, whatever the reason – one thing that a women cannot part away with is a piece of jewelry.

Why do women wear jewelry? Though these days it is not hard to find men sporting some either, the answer is that it is not just an accessory in a women’s wardrobe, it is an asset, a form of self expression. Jewelry gives you confidence and reflects your personality. It is very much a part of our lives.

Over the years, jewelry has gained in popularity. Gone are the days when you have to go to the goldsmith near your house for making jewelry. These are the days of jewelry designers, just like fashion designer, who will design jewelry as per the occasion. These people guide you on what to wear & how to wear. They will also help you chose the right clothes that go with your sparkling accessories.

Selecting a piece of jewelry is an important task – similar to picking your wardrobe. You should select something that matches your personal style and that you are comfortable wearing in. When buying it you should keep in mind the color of your attire because by going in with the right combination you can make your own fashion statement.

It is always better to experiment by mixing and matching your jewelry items. Earrings, nose-ring, bangles, finger rings and a simple gold chain can be worn in our day to day life, in office or at home. However, if you are going in for a wedding, then you can go in for some heavy gold or diamond necklace, bracelets and glass bangles, long ear rings, and a tikka on your forehead.

But again all boils down to the occasion and on your attire. Apart from gold, diamond and silver jewelry – artificial jewelry, costume jewelry, fashion and imitation jewelry, pearl jewelry, gemstone jewelry, imitation and antique jewelry is catering to the demands of fashion conscious people from around the world.

If price is a factor for you, then you can opt for costume jewelry, artificial jewelry and beaded jewelry which, again, all adds up to your fashion statement. Gold jewelry, which has always been in demand and has recently witnessed a hike in prices, is available in 22 kt gold, 21 kt gold, 18 kt gold with purity of 91.6%,. 87.5% and 75% respectively.

In India, the BIS i.e. Bureau of Indian Standards undertakes certification of purity of gold jewelry in accordance with Indian Standards IS:1417 Grades of Gold & Gold Alloys.

If you are visiting India and are looking to buy jewelry, you can get it from a hallmarked approval jewelry store (as hallmarking certifies that the jewelry conforms to national & international standards of purity) You can Google for jewelry designers, exporters or manufacturers in India for your type of jewelry.

In the end, I would advice you to wear only those items which you can carry, and suits your personality. However, there is no harm in trying …