Duck and Cover Clothing

If you have not heard of the British clothing brand for men called Duck and Cover then you have been truly missing out on something. The tiny brand from the United Kingdom was established in 1996 by a group of designers who wanted to make fun and funky casual clothes for men that they would like to wear themselves as well.

The origins of the name that they chose to signify their relaxed attitudes to clothing and fashion trends was a name taken from one of the most well known public awareness films from the fifties. The film called duck and cover that also features on the site of this clothing label is an awareness film that the American government screened on public broadcast television for many years during the height of its cold war with the Soviet Union. The film which also featured an animated turtle in its opening urged young children to duck and cover their heads in the event of a nuclear attack.

Many decades later after the cold war had finally come to an end and the Soviet Union had broken up in to so many pieces many film buffs and media watchers enjoyed the irony of this film and it’s catchy tunes and upbeat theme despite the fact that it was talking about the worst possible scenario humans have ever faced, all out nuclear war.

This clothing brand adopted this name as a label for the clothing that they wanted to design, manufacture and sell as a sort of inside joke to those in the know to signify their light hearted approach to life in general and fashion in particular. A lot of fashion lovers and fashion designers as well both take fashion and themselves a little bit too seriously and the designers at this Brand wanted to show their subtle British humour and their attitude to this seriousness with their name.

Today it has been selling its line of extremely cool and fashionable t shirts, shirts and other clothing and accessories for men for nearly a decade and a half and it has built up an enviable reputation as a brand with a distinctive and quirky style and a one of a kind brand identity. Their clothes are also only sold through select few retailers around the world who actually understand the ethos of the brand and the niche that they target with their clothing lines.

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Las Vegas Style Cover Bands Rock Industry Standards

Across the road from a cola bottle made of lights, I sat with a little darlin’ who captured my attention several years before. She was made for me lovely, bodacious as they come, and ready to rock the night away – in my dreams. In reality, we’d crossed 7 decades a few days earlier and held hands as we slowly moved our way through the ear-piercing sound of a Las Vegas night. One last vacation with my baby? I had begged for it.

My heart danced.

You might believe loud music, Las Vegas Cover Bands, and the brilliant lights of the Sunset Strip are made for youth, but I’m telling you, this boomer is rockin’ the socks off his darlin’ with every single dance step. I love me some Las Vegas dancing. And I’d begged for this trip.

As we strolled the strip, hand in hand, she promised me forever. I promised her my heart. Either way, we were winners. Lovers in the city that never goes to sleep. Partners in life. I held her hand, she held my heart.

Tribute Cover Bands.

Walking down the strip we found our forever. She stepped to the beat, missing most of them, but making sure she hit the ones that mattered, taking my heart along. A tribute to the days of yesterday, our focus on tomorrow. I would remember all the days of my life… I would hold onto this moment every day of my life. She played the tribute in my final hours, and I endured.

Our Limo Awaits.

As the lights come on in Vegas, the sun begins to set. But you’d never know there’s no sun high above you, unless you look up. The lights on the strip are bright. And at my age, looking up makes me dizzy. I tend to try to see past my belly to the place I intend to place my foot next, unless I’m dancing. Then, my darlin’ guides my steps to the beat of a cover tune so reggae that Bob Marley comes to mind. He kinda takes over my mind on any given night, laying out the tunes, forcing my feet to move. I feel the tempo. I dance the steps in my heart.

I may be close, but I’m not there yet… Keep the door open darlin’!

Las Vegas Style for Boomers.

Is it real? Or is it just my memory? The sidewalk lit up like the morning, people strolling past, the limo waiting at the sidewalk’s end, and me… Dancing through the night. I may never escape this world I’m livin’ in, but I promise I’ll wait for you at the end.

Was it just yesterday?

I met you on the Strip while you visited someone close. But I never left your side. You took my hand in yours and we walked. I gave you my heart.

Can someone please write this song! The memory of Las Vegas style cover bands rock industry standards… I remember the moment. I …