Consider An Authentic Costa Rica Wedding

Costa Ricans are warm people who love celebration; this mainly characterizes the Costa Rica wedding tradition. When planning a wedding in Costa Rica, it is may be best to follow with the Costa Rica wedding tradition to make the celebration more authentic and exceptional. However, general wedding traditions have shifted nowadays, to include several western world elements, especially when more foreign tourists are choosing Costa Rica as their wedding and honeymoon destination.

One Costa Rica wedding tradition is for the bride to wear a long, black silk dress as her wedding gown. In other wedding traditions, this may seem inappropriate seeing that wearing a black dress typically signify death and mourning. But in most traditional Costa Rican wedding, the bride wears a black gown, in striking contrast to the immaculately white wedding gowns commonly worn by modern brides today.

It is also customary also for the groom to wear a shirt that is painstakingly hand-embroidered by his future wife. This will mean that the bride already shows her devotion and concern for her future husband, even before the marriage ceremony has taken place. These days, on the other hand, most brides find it hard to embroider wedding shirts by themselves so other alternatives like buying ready-to-wear machine embroidered shirts are normally accepted.

During the wedding ceremony, there is also the traditional exchange of thirteen cold coins to be passed from the groom to his bride. This act of offering is done to symbolize the groom’s role in his future family as a provider. The passing of gold coins signifies the groom’s willingness to be a responsible head of family, and that he will fulfill his role of taking care of his wife through love and devotion. In most Catholic Church weddings, these thirteen coins also have a religious connotation. The thirteen coins symbolize Jesus Christ and the twelve apostles. The major religion in this country is still Roman Catholicism, so most of the people still adhere to religious beliefs and practices.

After the wedding ceremony, a celebratory party usually begins. Another Costa Rican wedding tradition is the accompaniment of lively Spanish music during the wedding day bash. Costa Ricans love dancing to live music, partying until well into the night. It is important for a Costa Rican wedding to be fun and exciting, because almost all of the family members are in attendance. Costa Ricans hold tight family ties, and no celebration is usually ever complete without the entire presence of their beloved family and relatives.

Celebrating a wedding in Costa Rica is surely something that will be remembered forever. There is nothing more enchanting than exchanging vows against a setting of peacefully beautiful beaches, glorious sunsets, and warm, tropical weather. More than these, it is the love and laughter of dear friends and family that complete any wedding. With a beautiful place as a wedding venue, and the company of an equally remarkable family, there is nothing more that any couple can wish for. Certainly, getting married in a …

Native American Jewelry: Authentic or Fake?

Different people like different types of jewelry: some are fans of traditional pieces, some like antique metal with modern design and some like Native American jewelry more than anything else. If you fall into the latter category or simply enjoy unique jewelry, you should buy native American jewelry.

The purchase may seem easy, like placing an order followed by the normal process of payment. But there is a catch. Do you want to buy something of low quality, while paying the same price of an authentic piece? Certainly not. Therefore, it is better to arm yourself with adequate knowledge regarding Native American jewelry, so that you won't be conned by the fake pieces.

How would you differentiate the authentic pieces from the fake ones? Your knowledge about the authentic jewelry will help you out. Here are some points you should consider before you buy Native American jewelry.

Value: Artistic, Historical and Monetary

The Spanish introduced silversmithing to the Native Americans. Since then, the Tribes and Pueblos started developing their unique style of jewelry that has been carried forward through generations.

The authentic artists of Native American jewelry design unique pieces with their innovations, patience and hand tools. Sand casting is a special method, through which the silversmith carves a mold to form the silver, and the mold gets destroyed by the melted silver. If you look at this type carefully, you will understand the level of patience the artist needed to design this jewelry.

Apart from this, there is the setting of stones. The size of the stone, the fine cut of it and, above all, the setting make it different from fake ones. Note that no adhesive is used to set the stone in an authentic piece. Rather, it is wedged into the inlay patterns with sand or similar materials.

Due to this immense skill set and patience, the artists put a worthy price on their jewelry. Often, the price may seem a little high, but if the sellers negotiate with you and you get to buy Native American jewelry at a much lower price, don't question its authenticity.

Federal Law

Federal law sets some protections for consumers to help them buy authentic jewelry. According to the Indian Arts and Crafts Act, the label "Native American" or "Indian" can be used only on authentic products. Be sure of duplicity if the tag says anything else.

Signs and Symbols

Apart from the labeling and value, there are some signs and symbols that help in understanding the authenticity of the product. A hallmark sign, signature of the artist and sometimes the date of manufacture is stamped or carved in the jewelry. This indicates the authenticity of the jewelry.

The material of the jewelry is also a factor in deciding its authenticity. Sterling silver is typically used as the material of Native American jewelry. The best way to differentiate sterling silver jewelry from a silver-plated piece is to examine it with a magnet. The silver-plated one will likely contain nickel, so it …