How To Choose Homecoming Dresses According To Your Body

Being the perfect homecoming attendees is the primary goal for girls as they set a date on the horizon during vacations. They get ready to display all their “logistical arsenal” to find the ideal garment for the occasion, with which we leave every schoolmate breathless. Usually, recurring to fashion magazines like Vogue, several Pinterest boards and scrutinized Instagram accounts, all these to not miss a millimeter and find the most spectacular homecoming dress!

Surely, if you got to this point, there are two options:

  1. You’re about to start your research and recollect the best choices.
  2. You already have, but you haven’t found the right selection to express your personality.

You have come to the right place! If you do not want any loose ends, and go to the store with the perfect dress in mind, apply the following tips that we are going to give you, they are infallible!



  • Much or little bust: Women with large breasts must use “V” type of necklines” and preferably avoid fabrics with too much volume because they create an unbalanced shape. Jovani Fashion has exquisite models that fit these requirements like the Pink Embellished “V” Neck Homecoming Dress, which stands out thanks to its symmetrical sequins patterns and long above the knee. On the other hand, girls with a small size can deliver a perfect statuesque silhouette with a dress with ruffles or similar fabrics as well as embroidery. It can also be goodto use corsets.

  • Size: Concerning the height, the short Homecoming Dresses are recommended, specifically with monochromatic tones. You’ll receive more points for your outfit wearing a dress with straps -or one- alongside a classic halter neckline. Continuing in line with the European brand, we have the Ivory Embellished High Neck Backless Short Dress model, a tight but fluid model customed in polyester. As an alternative, a two-piece dress with prints and a straight cut is also fabulous.

  • Hips: As for the “widths” they can be disguised without problems with a chord dress. For example, for very prominent hips, we should avoid designs fitting to the body or embroidery. The best thing is an “empire” gown with the relaxed shape. Inspired by beautiful editorial dresses in monochrome we have the Ivory Strapless Feather Short Dress, which stylizes the figure by a straight cut and a skirt full of volume that diverts attention from the hips to the fabric.

  • Waist and back: For the middle, you should avoid the belts and instead, choose the Corbett style to reduce that region and create more curves. For the back, prevent narrow straps and symmetrical necklines. Jovani brings us the piece Olive Jersey Long Sleeve Backless Short Dress who accentuates with waves and embellished with a bow on the left side, very chic.

Evening dress according to skin

Another aspect to consider is the complexion:

  • Evening dress for dark skin: They contrast easily with any color, they can use white or beige, and among those that best remain are stunning Homecoming Dresses based on colors like orange, green, fuchsia, red and yellow.

  • Evening dress for medium skin: They should use colors that are neither too light nor too dark, just like their skin. Forexample, light blue, beige, gray, pink.

  • Evening dress for fair skin: You need to create a vital contrast, so it is forbidden to use light tones; otherwise you might look too pale. Intense colors are better for you, such as gold, coral, cherry, and violet.

Evening dress and accessories

Once we have decided the best piece for the party among the Homecoming Dresses, the next thing is to have the accessories in combination.

The shoes must be high-heeled which are better for your posture, more elegant and feminine. However, that doesn’t mean shoes have to be uncomfortable to wear, go for a subtle option, especially if you want to dance and not end up with very sore feet. Silver and gold are the most suitable because they fit well with any color of the dress, the same as black; also, you can wear the shoes in the same tone as the clothes. For the earrings you can follow the tips that appear on Vogue’s The Best Earrings To Shine.

The wallet has to be hand-held, like an envelope, small, to carry only necessary items (some makeup, the phone, keys, and ID), always the same color as the shoes. Finally, the hoops and necklace should match the other accessories, and preferably with stones, for a more elegant detail.