Christian Wedding Vows

Regarding your Christian wedding vows, there are a couple of things you need to know. The first thing you should know is that your wedding vows are the most crucial part of your wedding ceremony and therefore should be chosen with careful consideration.

While it is important to select vows that flow seamlessly, and sound good, flow and ease of listening should not be the sum of your criterion.

You are making a solemn oath to your fiancé, telling him or her what they can expect from you. Furthermore, you are asking God to stand as a witness to your oath or promise.

In court, witnesses provide a first hand account of what was said or done. In fact, the testimony of an eyewitness can seal the fate of a defendant and in most cases, guarantee he or she will be held accountable.

Think of your Christian wedding vows in the same manner. That is, God is acting as an eyewitness to the vows you make on your wedding day. When difficult times come, and they will, the Holy Spirit will testify by reminding you of the vows you made in the presence of God.

As far as God is concerned, “til death do us part” means exactly that. And ” for better or worse” has no contractual boundaries.

The last thing you should know is that regardless of which vows you choose, you are also committing to things your wedding vows may not even mention. I call these “the unspoken vows”.

Unspoken vows are merely the expectations God has for husbands and wives. These are sometimes not spoken about at the alter; you’ll find these written in the Word of God.

And just as our earthly legal system does not accept ignorance as an excuse, neither does God. In other words, if you are going to actively engage, then it’s your responsibility to find out.

So, while you are researching Christian wedding vows, take some time to also research God’s Word to find out what He expects of husbands and wives, because you will be held accountable for every word you speak as well as every word already spoken by God.

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Biker Wedding Vows

If you are into leather and bikes you can have the wedding of your dreams, and never worry about what anyone has to say about it. You can wear white leather, black leather or even red leather – to make your dreams come to. Your wedding day is all about stating your wedding vows. Creating a spectacular show of your love for one another, and telling everyone else, you know about your love for each other. Your wedding vows are going to be the most important part of your wedding, and you can make them special using our tips and ideas for biker wedding vows.

Biker wedding vows are going to be based on love. Sure you love your bike, and you love your soon to be spouse, maybe you want to be married on your bikes, but you still have to find the words that are just right for how the two of your feel together.

The minister will be dressed in black, standing in front of the two you as you gaze into each other’s eyes. You should be able to look at each other seriously and say I love you, no matter who is there in front of you. While you are not going to just say I love you, you need to find ways to express your love, in a language that the two of you understand.

Here is an original saying you might want to try:

I love you more than my hog. I love you more than the wind whipping through my hair, but never ask me to take back seat while you drive, and we will be happy forever. I will love you and take you anywhere we can ride on two wheels, please take my heart and drive with me.

You have seen me at my worst, as my Harley failed me, but you brought me back to life, as we brought her back to ride again. As we take our vows of marriage, I vow to love you as much as I love my leather, and to ride you as much as I do my bike.

For the bride, you might like a few softer words to express the many things that you feel. Being a biker doesn’t mean you can’t express your love on this special day.

I love my leather, and I love the way that I can snuggle up with you on the Harley, I want to share those many sunsets from everywhere in the world we will travel, but I only want to share them with you. I love you, and the way that we fit together as we ride seamlessly through the sunshine in the early morning. I want to ride with you every morning for the rest of our lives.

Being with you, holding you tightly as you take the turns tightly, I can feel a connection with you, with your spirit, and I love that feeling. I want to hold you forever, riding off …