The 4 Different Types of Modeling Contracts You Need To Know!

Okay let’s start with the basics.

What is a modeling contract?

Is an agreement that both parties, the model and the agency must agree on before marketing the model. There are many terms and conditions included in the agreement such as:

  • How the model’s income will be split between the model and the agency.
  • Duration of contract (auto renew or not)
  • Exclusivity of the contract
  • Model’s behavior and etiquette
  • Occasionally taxes, model expenses.

Mainly there are 4 different types of contract that are being offer to models by almost any agencies and that includes:

  1. Exclusive contract
  • You’ll be exclusively managed by your agency and you will not be grant freedom to work with any other agencies for as long as your contract is due. Therefore, it is crucial for models to clarify every single information on the contract before signing on the dotted line and ensure that it is a legit agency that you’re signing to.
  1. Non-exclusive contract
  • With this contract, you’re allowed to search your own jobs without the need to go through your agency and all profits earned are solely entitled to you. Furthermore, you’re also allowed to sign non-exclusive contracts with other agencies as well as long as you inform your agencies. This is the contract we would highly recommend to models as it allows freedom for models to look for their own jobs and also a great opportunity for them to engage and build relationships with many, expanding their connections.
  1. One time contract
  • This contract is highly recommended for those models who can’t commit to long term contracts or be managed by any agencies due to busy schedules or heavy responsibilities. This contract is only signed for one job only. Once the model have completed its job and fulfill all responsibilities on the contract, the model will be paid. If you do not receive any paychecks after completing a job, you’re allowed to file a lawsuit against the company for breaching of contract.
  1. Mother agency contract
  • This contract enables one’s mother agency to draw commissions from the model even if the he or she is signed to consecutive agencies. A mother modeling agency is the first agency which you first began with as a model. Mother agencies work as your shield, they promote you to international market. Hence, any agreement regarding the model’s career with international agencies will be made between both parties, your mother agency and the subsequent agency. A small percentage of your earnings will then be deducted by your mother agency for their efforts. Although you won’t be earning as much as certain models, but you can rest assure that you are well protected by your agency while still gain a lot of exposure in the industry.

To close this, it is important to know every single detail of contract(s) offered to you as you do not want to simply commit your career into the wrong hands. All the best!

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Wholesale Infant Gifts: Types of Baby Bib Gift Sets

There are already so many concerns that new, and even veteran parents have when it comes to having children. Though one might not think of baby bib gift sets as a huge concern, they are very important and have many different options available to pick from. This article will ease at least some stress for parents by comparing and contrasting the four main types of baby bib gift sets that are available.

The Traditional Bandana Bibs

When one thinks of baby bib gift sets, these are probably the first ones that come to mind because they are the most popular. There are many different styles that match many different baby outfits. On the underside, they have a thin layer of fleece that makes them comfortable and they also have a water resistant backing that makes them practical and tremendously absorbent. They are easy to afford and carry around because they are usually a soft fabric that's easy to fold. Bandana Bibs often come in multi-packs because of the one main drawback; They stain very easily. Bright colors and designs often conceal these stains, but it will still be clear that the bibs are used often.

Throwaway Bibs

Bibs that also come in multi-packs (usually 30 or so) are throwaway bibs, also known as disposable bibs. These bibs have simpler designs than bandana bibs because they are usually made of a fabric called strengthened paper. This does however give them an additional purpose because they can be used as a towel to clean up any surrounding messes the baby might leave after eating. They are ideal for holidays and emergencies because of the easy clean up and accessibility. There is only one main downside, depending on the manufacturer and how often they are used; they can get expensive.

Cover-All Bibs

Another slightly more expensive type of bib is the cover-all bib. These are typically used for toddlers and made of a plastic-coated material, which can sometimes be uncomfortable for the child. While these can be used for messy activities other than eating, some kids may feel uncomfortable being covered from head to toe. However if there isn't much protest from the child, they have many different designs like the bandana bib and are easy to thoroughly clean like the throwaway bib.

Plastic Scoop Bibs

Similar to the cover-all bibs this form is obviously also made of plastic. The difference is their design is more like bandana bibs with a 'catch' tray attached to the bottom. The greatest advantage to these toddler aprons is that they can be used in the dishwasher. They are also great for children who are learning to eat by themselves. Parents must be careful for those troublemaker children though because some kids often like to just pour their food into the tray. Since plastic tends to be a little stiffer than the other soft fabric bibs, this type of bib may be a little uncomfortable as well.

Parents should consider their price range, their child's personality, and …

Different Types Of Boy Clothing

Boy clothing is that type of clothing that is specifically meant for boys. Boys can enjoy the use of boy clothing as there can be a wide range of selection from the variety of boy clothes that are available. As a parent, you must follow the important tips for selecting appropriate boy clothes. Boy clothes can be very effective in making your boy look as appealing as possible and in the process you can enjoy buying attractive and appealing clothes for your boy. The different types of clothes for your boy have been stated and explained below.


These T-shirts are very commonly used by boys. You can buy these T-shirts from online stores and also from local shops or retailers. T-Shirts are available in various sizes and designs based on the needs and preferences of the boy. You must make sure that you buy the best quality T-Shirt that is the most comfortable for your boy. The T-Shirt must also be appealing to look at.


Shirts can also be worn by boys. There are many small-sized shirts available for the boys and they can wear these shirts whenever required. Make sure that you but the best quality shorts for your boy in order to maximize your satisfaction. The shirts can either be casual or formal and it completely depends on the needs of your boy.


Jeans are the trend these days and age doesn’t matter as far as the wearing of Jeans is concerned. You can buy any color jeans for your boy and he will wear it without any complaints. Jeans are a lot suitable with T-Shirts and your boy can look great if he wears jeans. Branded jeans are also available these days and there are many showrooms and stores that specifically deal with the sale of jeans.


Shorts are casual wear for your boy. He can wear it when he is going to the ground or for a picnic. Shorts are also very widely available because it is not always possible for a boy to wear jeans and trousers 24/7. Shorts are available in various designs and sizes and an appropriate and a perfect selection is required here.

The above mentioned and explained types of dresses are very widely used by boys these days. They are very highly accessible and there are no problems related to the availability of the boy’s clothing.

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Types of Model Train Tables

The model train needs a strong and sturdy surface to allow tracks to accommodate stationary and moving trains. The surface needs to be level, smooth, and support the weight of a train with its decorator items. The decorator items include buildings. Light poles, scenery, miniature people, animals, cars and trucks, and other accessories.

The model train can run on tracks that are placed onto wood or other flat supporting surfaces. When we receive our first train set we are not prepared with a platform. In our excitement to play with our new train, we place the tracks on the floor.

Do not place the tracks on scalloped designed or shaggy carpets. The unevenness or length of the fibers will cause the train to wreck or wheels to tangle in carpet threads.

The train table is home for a train display and power supplies .. It also serves as a convenient workbench for the operator or train conductor ..

There are prefabricated train tables available that can be assembled in a short amount of time, or you may choose to build a train table. Anyone who can handle a hammer or an electric drill can build a simple table with a sheet of plywood. Carpentry knowledge and skills are helpful to build more complex table setups.

A small train table measures 4 'x 8' with four legs between 32 "and 42" tall. The height of the table is determined by the operator for ease in working one or more trains while sitting or standing. This is a simple table to make and I recommend viewing "Lionel Building a Train Table" on YouTube for measurements and building details.

3 Table Types:

  1. Simple
  2. Wall-mounted
  3. Multi-deck


  1. Think and draw plans before starting to build. Plans are subject to change.
  2. Design table to allow future cut-aways or additions.
  3. Make both stationary and portable tables.
  4. Include spacing for scenery and props.

The simplest tabletop to make is to use the top of a discarded dresser top, piano, or coffee table and add 4 legs made from 2 "x 4" boards. Depending on the height of the table the legs will need cross braces for support. The braces discourage table from wobbling or vibrating while the train is in motion.

The wall-mounted and multi-deck types will require advanced carpentry skills.

There are many facets to this hobby. The two most important are carpentry and electrical knowledge. Setting up trains is an educational hobby and there is much to learn. This hobby is enjoyable and learning will be pleasurable.

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4 Popular Types of Clothing Fabrics

Fabrics and textures in modern clothing are wide-ranging and vary in relation to their tactile visual qualities. The type of fabric can have an impact on the all-round appearance, and help create the preferred look. Here are a few of the most popular types of clothing fabrics:


Cotton is one of the most comfortable and common types of fabric for clothes. The actual fabric is strong, stretchy and soft which makes it an appealing choice for relaxed and casual items of clothes, such as underwear, pajamas and t-shirts. A great way to create the most interesting outfits is to combine a few different textures. For instance, it is possible to pair the rugged and rough denim jeans with a soft texture like cotton for the stylish, casual and cool look.


Wool is a material that is quite uncomfortable and itchy to wear against bare skin. But, the thick nature of wool makes it a great choice for those in search of an outfit that provides great warmth. Some of the typical pieces of outside clothes in wool include thick coats and hats. Also, this thick and insulating material has a texture that is perfect for making socks and blankets.


Silk is one of the most luxurious and chic choices for today's high-quality garments. It is a fabric that is not only cool, but very sturdy and a favored choice in the high-fashion market.


A garment with unique prints, textures, or bold colors can easily make a statement. One type of fabric that can help to create a symbol for the stylish, sophisticated and chic is the tweed garments. Tweed relies on different threads to create the garments that are instantly recognizable by sight and touch. This is a classic clothing option that has stood the test of time and has been a popular choice for decades.

Use texture to create an illusion

The particular type of texture can have an influence on the way an outfit drapes and looks when worn. The various types of textures have light absorbing, reflecting, bulk, size and weight properties. To create the slimline look it benefits to use one of the fabrics that is light to medium in weight and crisp, but not too stiff. The fabrics that are quite stiff can give the appearance of more weight to the body. This can include double knits, corduroy and twill. The textures with a matte or dull finish like raw silk, wool and denim are useful for making a figure look smaller.

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Types of Beauty Salons and Some Tips For Choosing the Right One For You

A lot of modern beauty salons today are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for doing practically anything you wish to be done with your hair from getting a perm to hair coloring, hair extensions, hair straightening, hair re-bonding, hot oil, and so on. Beauty salons also offer a wide range of beauty services aside from hair styling such as manicure, pedicure, facials, massage, hair removal, tanning services, and even full-scale spa treatments.

Types of beauty salons

There are different types of beauty salons and one way to categorize them is by price range: low, middle, and upscale. There are walk-in facilities that do not require an appointment and are usually lower priced than the upscale beauty salons. These types are usually homegrown neighborhood salons and are ideal for the person on-the-go who wants a simple trim or a basic haircut or a wash-and-wear hairstyle. These salons may be a bit limited in their equipment and offer only basic services. The second type-mid-range category-is usually a franchise of a national salon chain. These salons are reputable and are known by trademark throughout the country. For those who want a change of hairstyle but wants to be on the safe side, this is a safe bet because stylists in these salon chains usually undergo strict training and have to pass certain standards before they are allowed to cut and style hair. These types of salons usually offer a wide range of services and are equipped with the latest beauty salon technologies. Upscale boutique salons may also be homegrown or owned by an international or national chain. Naturally, they are pricier and usually have a swanky or hip address. A lot of five-star hotels offer upscale beauty salons where the patrons are in the upper-class range. These salons usually have hairdressers in landau scrubs and provide full-pampering treatments. So if you have the money to spare, it is also god to indulge yourself in these salons once or twice a year.

Beauty salon tips

Sticking with one stylist and beauty salon is ideal for most because developing a relationship with your stylist makes it easier to get things done right; and when it comes to beauty, you want to avoid any errors as much as possible. Choose a stylist that you are comfortable with and one who has a natural instinct for knowing what looks good on you. Hunting for the perfect stylist will also be a matter of budget and proximity. Remember, however, when it comes to your hairstyle, think of it as an investment. Don't scrimp too much when choosing a beauty salon since the right hairstyle can do a lot to make you look gorgeous and a bad one can do a whole lot to wreak havoc to your appearance. Also remember that the best salons are usually already discovered by a lot of people. Word gets around fast when a beauty salon or stylist is worth taking note of. This means that salons or stylists that are worth it are …

The 4 Main Types of Parenting (What's Your Parenting Style?)

No two sets of parents are the same. Each has different views about discipline and a different set of values ​​they want to instil in their children. But while different in style, parents have the same goal – to create a world full of love for their kids and to guide them every step of the way.

Here are the 4 main types of parenting:

Authoritarian Parenting

Authoritarian parents are often referred to as the disciplinarians. With strict rules that are often not explained to the child, communication is often one way (from parent to child only). Discipline is the priority of authoritarian parents, therefore they have a less nurturing parenting style that often involves punishment. They have high expectations from their children and offer little to no flexibility.

Uninvolved Parenting

Like the name suggests, parents who have this style show little involvement in their children and pretty much lets their children do whatever they want. There is little communication between parties, less nurturing from the parents and a lot of freedom for the children and there is no particular discipline style utilized. Some parents choose this parenting style consciously, but most uninvolved parents usually have a lack of information about parenthood and unsure of what to do.

Permissive Parenting

Also referred to as Indulgent Parenting, parents who practice this style see themselves as their child's friend rather than an authoritative figure. While they are warm and nurturing and communication is open, they offer little guidance and direction to their child and lets him make decisions on his own. Permissive parents usually don't set rules and have minimal expectations of their offspring.

Authoritative Parenting

Many people think that this style is the most beneficial to children. Authoritative parents are nurturing and reasonable and even if they set high expectations for their child, they offer flexibility. When it comes to discipline, the rules are stated clearly and explained to the child. Communication is very open between parties and in a way that the young one will understand. Many children raised by authoritative parents think for themselves and are self-disciplined.

Some parents follow a particular parenting style strictly, but many practice a combination of styles. Experts recommend not to look at each style distinctively but instead, to see it as a continuum. Many parents also change their parenting as the child grows up. So what parenting style do you relate to the most?

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What Are the Different Types of Symbols and Colors Used in Muslim Wedding Cards?

In Muslim culture, marriage invitations are known as Nikah or Walima cards and denote the spiritual significance and rituals observed in this community. These cards are sent out to announce the wedding ceremony and form an integral part of the whole event. Muslim wedding cards are famous worldwide for their unique symbols, designs and colors. The presence of these features makes Nikah cards appropriate for the wedding ceremony, and without them the event is incomplete.

Below are the various types of symbols and colors used in Muslim wedding cards.

Symbols: –

Star and Crescent-

The star and crescent are an internationally recognized symbol of Islam and represents faith in God. This religious symbol includes an image of a crescent moon and a star. In Muslim culture, star and moon are seen as the valid symbol of believing in almighty God. It features prominently on the marriage invitation cards as a holy symbol and denotes the faith in God to make the ceremony successful.


The Bismillah symbol contains the true essence of the holy Quran and denotes the name of Allah. The symbol reflects the blessing, adoration and support from god. This beautiful symbol is a magnificent reminder of our relationship with the creator and all its creation. Due to this characteristic, Bismillah symbol is printed on Muslim wedding cards to seek the blessing and support of god.


The Allah symbol means God, and it is used by Muslims for referring to God in Islam. It represents faith, blessing and purity. This symbol is printed on the Muslim wedding cards to make the ceremony holy and divine. It is also believed that Allah symbol on the card will guide the marriage to the best of understanding, happiness and love between the bride and groom.


Shahadah symbol means testimony of faith in god. It is the first pillar of the 5 pillars of Islam and means there is one God (Allah). The symbol of the Shahadah is printed on the Muslim wedding cards to bring oneness among the guests attending the marriage. It symbolizes the sanctity, harmony and union with God.

Colors: –


In Muslim culture, green color is considered as a traditional color of Islam, and it has a special mention in their holy book (Quran). It was first used by the prophet and represents cleanliness, purity and nature. To Muslims, green color denotes the freshness of Islam and brings unity among them. The Green colored marriage invitation is a universal symbol of peace, love and harmony. It highlights the rites of a wedding and enhances the grace of the ceremony. The green color depicts the true happiness of Muslim wedding.


In Muslim culture, white color is regarded as ideal and perfect. It represents truth, kindness and positivity. It portrays the sense of being complete and happy. Due to this characteristic, white colored marriage invitations are printed to bring peace, purity and simplicity to the wedding ceremony.

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Types of String for Jewelry Making

String material for jewelry and craft projects can range from a simple piece of nylon to a high-end piece of silk. They many different types of string material will ensure there is something for every project, but this can make it a little confusing to choose the right one. Let's take a look at a few of the most popular string options for jewelry making:


Nylon is a highly versatile option that is practical for many different jewelry designs. It is a reliable option in woven bracelets and a useful choice for most general string related situations. Nylon string is split into several different categories. One of the popular types is the Chinese knotting cord which is a type of braided nylon. This nylon is very strong and easily able to maintain its shape. Also, the KO beading thread is abrasion resistant, strong and easy to secure the ends tightly.


Cotton cord is a useful option for projects that can benefit from a distinctive look. This type of string material is created by combining several woven threads and applying a coating of wax to help minimize issues with fraying. It is great for stringing beads with a threaded hole in the region of 1 to 2 mm in thickness. Once the coating of wax is applied, the string is very clean and durable.


Elastic cord is a useful option for making jewelry that needs a certain degree of flexibility, such as the stretchy bracelets. The elastic nature of this string makes the jewelry very easy to remove. Once the jewelry beads are placed on the elastic, it is relatively easy to secure using a basic surgeon's knot or similar. Also, for extra strength, the knot can easily be finished with a few drops of elastic friendly glue.

Polyethylene fiber

The use of polyethylene fiber is the right choice for pieces of jewelry that need a lot of strength. This material has the ability to give great all-round strength and is very easy to tie at the end of a project. It is a practical option for holding beads that aren't smooth.

Polyester cord

Polyester cord is a very strong and easy to use option for the macramé and shamballa jewelry designs. It is a useful choice when working with beads that have a large thread hole. The string is very dependable and will not lose its shape or shrink when it comes into contact with moisture.

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10 Types of Jewelry For Men

When we think of jewelry, we automatically think of jewelry for women. These days it is becoming increasingly common and fashionable for men to wear jewelry. Although much of men's jewelry serves a purpose, there are many items that have no other purpose than to complement a man's natural good looks. Read on to discover some obvious (and some not so obvious) jewelry choices for men.

Make a Statement with Men's Jewelry

1. Watches

Timepieces have been around for a few centuries and serve a useful purpose. Jewelry or machine? Honestly, a watch is really a piece of jewelry that also happens to tell time. This is a way to get men who do not like wearing "jewelry" to actually wear jewelry without knowing it. The type of watch worn has to match the image the man wants to project,: a watch for the executive, a Swatch for the artist, a Nike for the athlete. Since many men have active lifestyles, there are different watches designed for different activities.

2. Rings

The next most common piece of jewelry men wear is a ring. The reason being in just about every culture, rings are worn to symbolize marriage between two people. Rings have been around for ages. Unlike watches, they do not serve a purpose, but when worn on the left ring finger, they do send out a signal about a man's marital status. Wedding rings used to be made out of just gold or platinum. In fact, it was not until recently that wedding ring designers began to experiment with the idea of ​​using alternative metals. One of the first alternative metals was titanium. The metal was valued for its light weight, white color and strength. It is used for many other types of jewelry, not just rings. Only less than 5 years ago, tungsten carbide – a relatively unknown metal to the general public – suddenly exploded in popularity. It now comprises 20% of all men's wedding ring sales in North America. Men's tungsten wedding bands are valued for their extreme hardness. They are four times harder than titanium and have a hefty weight that men like. Tungsten is so hard that only a diamond or sapphire can scratch it. Tungsten is also very affordable. If you want to stick to a precious metal ring, but don't want to pay through your nose for a gold or platinum ring, palladium may be the way to go. Palladium rings look and act just like platinum because both these metals are from the same family of metals, the Platinum Group Metals. Palladium, however, is about 70% less expensive than platinum rings. Many jewelers only deal with a few select metals.

3. Earring (s)

Traditionally for women, the earring is now accepted by society for men. Some men wear one earring and some wear two. Men that have traditional jobs in an office setting are often discouraged from wearing earrings or not allowed to wear them by company policy. Although, less popular …