The Advantages and Disadvantages of Beauty in Love Relationships, Marriage, and Dating

Who wouldn't want to be beautiful? What is beauty? Perhaps, we have all given these questions consideration at one time or another. I would opt to be beautiful if given the choice. Based upon some of my observations of standard beauty, I know it would give me a competitive edge as would youth. I have followed a beautiful woman around all day, many days, to see what it is like to be praised and admired by those people a beautiful woman meets. I have observed others in order to learn about the pros and cons of having an attractive appearance.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Anyone could potentially be beautiful according to another person. Some people prefer blondes. Others prefer tanned skin. Even others prefer tall people. Everyone has his own preferences; yet, there are some people who have facial and body proportions that are considered beautiful by the majority. Those people who tend to fall into the category of standard beauty tend to get a lot of extra attention throughout the day.

The attention given to a beautiful woman is that of having all eyes on her and that of receiving many compliments. People will talk to her a lot, offer her free drinks, offer gifts, ask for her address, invite her out, and more. At least this is what I observed while following a beautiful woman around all day for many days. She received so many compliments that it became somewhat annoying even to her. People lavished her with much praise for about everything she did. As she conducted her job search, potential employers told her they were looking for someone who was beautiful. One employer said she wanted to hire someone with a "beautiful presence." Naturally, the beautiful woman found a job with no difficulty.

If being beautiful means a person can have more friends, find more jobs, and influence others, then it is clearlyly convenient to be beautiful. To be unattractive means that an individual has some proportions that are less standardized and more unusual. There are some obvious reasons why a person considered less attractive by the majority might benefit from the struggle to attract others. She will benefit by having to do her job better or by having to study diligently.

A person who is less attractive will be attractive to someone somewhere. He or she will have to work harder to prove himself in some areas or studies. In order to compete with the so-called "beautiful" person, the "average" person will have to go the extra mile. He or she might seek to be more courteous or creative. She might develop a special talent like art, singing, or a sport. Perhaps the less attractive individual will decide to read more books in order to be appreciated for her knowledge. She might become a learned person to prove herself. Those people who are not considered extremely beautiful will know what it feels to work hard to achieve something without relying upon …

Relationships: Why Are Some Men Attracted To Unavailable Women?

Even though a man may have the desire to be in an intimate relationship with a woman, he may continually end up with women who are not available. Through having been with a number of women who are like this, he may find that this area of ​​his life causes him to experience a fair amount of frustration.

If he was to look back on his life, he may see what this is something that has been going on for a number of years, or it could have been going on for a few decades. No matter how long it has been going on for, he is most likely going to want this area of ​​his life to change before long.

A False Impression

When he first met these women, he may have come to believe that he had finally found someone who was ready to have an intimate relationship. It would then have been as if the lights were on green, only for him to find out that this was just a mirage.

Consequently, he may have given himself a hard time, finding it hard to comprehend how he was duped all over again. At this point, he could have ended up blaming the woman he was with, seeing her as yet another woman who has wasted his time.

In The Beginning

If he was to think about what is was like when he first met these women, he could think about how interested they were. Right from the off, they would have shown a lot of interest in him.

Along with being happy to spend time with him on a regular basis, they may have been very affectionate, too. One thing that could also stand out is what their sex life was like, with this being something that was very fulfilling.

Two Extremes

To use an analogy, it would have been been though at one stage they were in the Sahara desert, while at another, they were in the North Pole. Going from one climate to another would have been difficult for them to deal with.

It might not have always been this swift, though, as there may have been times when it happened in a more gradual fashion. This might have meant that it took them a little while to notice what was going on.

For Example

So, the woman may have found time to see them a few times a week and then this started to change as time went by. As time went by and things became more serious, he may have found that she was rarely free.

In addition to this, she may just just about lost interest in sex over time. She would then have gone from being warm and available, to being cold and out of reach.

A Clear Sign

However, what may become clear is that just because a woman comes on strong in the beginning, it doesn't necessarily mean that she is available. In fact, this can be a clear …