The Importance of Protective Motocross Clothing

If you play any kind of sport, then you should know how important it is to wear the right gear. American football players have to wear pads, hockey players need skates and SCUBA divers need wetsuits. Even bowlers have to wear special shoes. Nearly every major sport requires specialized clothing, and that is especially true about motocross and other extreme sports. Motocross in particular can be very dangerous for those who aren’t wearing the proper motocross clothing. It involves high-speed motorcycle racing on rough terrain, and injuries are obviously very common. If you are considering taking up motocross or supercross as a hobby, you should also consider what kind of motocross gear or supercross athletic apparel you will need.


A helmet is the single most important piece of motocross clothing or supercross athletic apparel you will need. There are a couple different kinds of helmets available, but it’s probably worth it to spring for a more expensive and higher-quality helmet as opposed to a cheaper one. Full-face helmets offer the best protection since they protect the wearer from front and side impacts, so that would be your best option if you think you’re going to take a lot of falls. No matter what kind of helmet you choose, it’s best to find one that fits snugly on your head without being too tight.

Body Armor

When we say “body armor,” we are referring to chest and back protectors. These pads can protect you from a dangerous crash by spreading the force of the impact over a wider area. This supercross athletic apparel may feel cumbersome, but you should get used to wearing them when you ride. You’ll find that body armor is a very important element of motocross clothing once you start wearing it.


Goggles may not be as important as a helmet, but they should still always be worn when racing. Try to find some goggles that fit comfortably with your helmet, and get used to keeping them on. Once you start wearing this crucial motocross clothing, you won’t want to ride without them.


Motocross and supercross boots are made of tough leather and cover the ankle, much like traditional motorcycle boots. They should fit well and not be too tight or too loose. Boots that are too tight could cause an injury, while boots that are too loose might make operating your bike’s controls much more difficult.

These are the most important pieces of motocross clothing and supercross athletic apparel. Another important thing to remember is to always wear long sleeves and long pants. Not only is it safer, but it’s illegal not to have them for most motocross and supercross races. Motocross clothing should be cool, lightweight and snug without being too tight. Gloves and knee pads are also recommended, although they are not required.

Motocross is an exciting sport, but remember that it can be dangerous. Keep yourself safe with the right motocross clothing or supercross athletic apparel, and remember that accidents can …

Protective Hair Style Ideas for Kinky Hair

Winter protective styles could be two strand twists, braids, wig, phony pony, or extensions. Putting the hair in a twist, braid, or covered ponytail helps to protect the hair from the harsh temperatures and dry air. Here are some tips to help you keep your hair moist during the fall and winter.

Select one or more natural oils to protect the hair. Buy them in preparation for the winter and have them on hand at home. Natural oils help to keep hair strong and resilient. Examples of great oils to put on the scalp and on the ends of the hair are argon, coconut, olive, and jojoba oils.

Oil Rinse

Rinsing the hair with oil after the final rinse in the shower is a great way to apply oil to each strand of the hair. Comb the hair through with a Denman brush before styling.


Wearing cornrows, long flat twists, or a simple ponytail will help the hair retain moisture when the ends are placed in a plastic baggy. This baggy can be worn under a phony pony, which is a hair extension pony tail. The small plastic bag helps to keep moisture in and can be worn at home or for a few hours each day secured under a bonnet or scarf.

If a wig is worn to protect the hair during the day, wear the baggy a few times a week for a few hours to ensure the ends of the braids, twists, or plats under the wig are moisturized.

Hair Mix

Make your homemade herbal spritz of your favorite essential oils and thicker fruit oil. Use glycerin or water and place in a spray bottle. There are small bottles that can be placed in a purse or daytime bag. Loose hair that is worn curly in the winter can be spritzed during the day to ensure the hair stays moisturized.

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