How to Look Like a Male Fitness Model and Attract Women

The Male Fitness Model… More Attractive To Women Than The Bodybuilder Look

Bodybuilders are such a touchy bunch. There are probably a couple of guys experiencing “roid rage” right now! I know that most bulky guys look at male fitness models and think that they are wimpy. You see many bodybuilders are under the impression that everyone wants to be as big and strong as them. They see a guy who is lifting lighter weights and doing cardio as someone who isn’t as successful in the gym as them. They mistakenly believe that bigger muscles equates to being more attractive to women. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Male Fitness Models Are Built Like Hollywood Sex Symbols

How many male sex symbols are huge and buff? Do you think any of the current Hollywood sex symbols can bench press over 400 pounds? What about stars like Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey, Jamie Fox, Will Smith, Jared Leto, Daniel Craig (the new James Bond), etc. Women are attracted to men with average builds, but with great muscle tone. How many men who star in Soap Operas are huge and buff? The answer is that with very rare exceptions, it pays to have a lean muscle build… not a bulky bodybuilder type look.

Male Fitness Models Have To Workout Harder Than Bodybuilders

Lifting weights and bulking up is MUCH easier than burning body fat and getting lean. I don’t care how big you are… you know it’s true! To get big, you just lift with a high volume of lifts and progressively increase the weight over time. You don’t have to be on a strict diet and you don’t have to hit cardio hard. To get lean, you have to lift to maintain your muscle mass, you have to watch what you eat, and you have to hit cardio like a maniac. The reason you see very few guys in the gym with “six pack abs” is that getting lean is tough work.

A Simple Approach to Leaning Down if You Are Bulky

Getting that lean look is actually simple, but not easy. If you are kind of bulky right now and need to lean down you just need to do a few things:

1) Perform Intense Cardio At Least 4-5 Times Per Week for 30-45 Minutes

2) Multiply Your Body Weight by 12. The Number You Get Will Be The Total Maximum Amount Of Calories You Are Allowed To Eat Each Day… Aim for Less If Possible

3) Quit Obsessing Over Strength

4) Quit Obsessing Over Protein Consumption

5) When In Doubt, Cut Back on Lifting And Increase Cardio

6) You Will See “Six Pack Abs” When You Get Lean Enough. Don’t Go Overboard With Crunches and Ab Movements. Cardio is Your Ticket To a Six Pack.

Quit Trying To Impress Guys In The Gym… The Goal Is To Impress Women

When you are hitting cardio hard and limiting your calories, you won’t get as big of a pump as you …

Alpha Male – the Gift of Missing You Explained!

The power of this technique called “Gift of Missing You” is tremendous. Not much practice is needed to master this skill but this technique is able to amplify her attraction for your ENORMOUSLY. However, much discipline is needed to display this skill. So, if you are ready, let’s get the party started…

The gift of missing you basically means playing hard to get. Playing hard to get seems like a tool used by attractive women on men. When women play hard to get, the man would instantly become more vulnerable to a women’s bidding. The man would call her thousand times a day and saying unnecessary mushy things and buying her tons and tons of gifts. Eventually, the woman feels no attraction at all and rejected the man. I have been through this stage and I believe many of you been through this too.

I understand your agony and anger and now its PAY BACK time! It’s your TURN to play hard to get and get her to be obsessed with YOU! First of all, before you even embark on playing hard to get, you need to first get a life. If you think that you are leading a boring life, do something about it. Find yourself some activities and keep yourself real busy and occupied. At the same time, leave some time for your dates. When you have a life and really enjoyed it, women can instantly tell and wants your attention.

Getting yourself busy and occupied also enhances your conversation skill indirectly. The more activities you got yourself into, the more exciting life stories you accumulate. Telling your exciting life stories to women is one of the best ways to attract women.

Once you get your personal life handled, here’s how you play hard to get.

o Don’t see or meet her more than twice a week.

o Don’t call her more than twice or thrice a week.

o Keep your conversation with her short when you are on a phone.

o Always end the conversation on a high note first.

o Always end the date also on a high note first.

o When she wants to see you, tell her you are busy and see her at a later time on the same day.

o Pretend like you have 100 women calling you everyday.

o Fill your week with different dates instead of just focusing on 1 woman.

The bottom line of the concept behind the gift of missing you is to make yourself as scarce as possible. Scarcity is what makes people feel obsessed. The power of obsession is very powerful, use it wisely and you are on your way to get your dating life handled. Use it the evil way; get ready to meet PSYCHO people. I am just kidding.

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How To Become a Male Model

Here’s an insight of the male modeling industry, it is not as competitive as the female industry BUT the competition is still fierce. Just so you know, being a male model is not as easy as it looks, unlike what you usually see on your screens. This industry requires you to commit your life to it, that means you got to cut off all your bad boy habits that your momma’ have been telling you since you were in high school, stop complaining about everything because if you do, you will be out of the industry in no time. It requires as much discipline as a martial art student or an Olympic athlete. So are you still in for it or out?

If you’re still up for it, let’s go! To break into the modeling business as a man is somewhat less demanding than it is for ladies, since male models don’t need to meet the same inflexible physical prerequisites constantly and has a longer ‘shelf life’. Shelf life means the potential duration of you working in the industry.


Before you embark on your hopeful male modeling journey, you must first know and decide what kind or type of modeling you want to break into. Print? Commercial? High Fashion? Health and fitness? They all have equal amount of opportunities for you to grab so don’t think of ‘hmmm should I pick this because it pays more? Or it has more opportunities?’ Opportunities are only up for grabs if you’re suitable for it. If you’re 5ft7 and wants to venture into high fashion modeling because ‘it has more opportunities compare to others’ you are so wrong. It’s all about the right guy for the right jobs.


With that being done, next is what usually Tyra would say “Do you have what it takes to be on top?” Although is pretty sad to know but the modeling industry run on exquisite looks and physicality. Although the requirements for male are slightly more flexible compare to women, as said earlier. There are still basic requirements that you need to meet.

1. Height

-5’11” to 6’2″

2. Weight

– Typically 64kg-75kg but it varies depending on your BMI (Body Mass Index)


No, not your usual Tequila shots. Up next, get some good head, half body and full body shots! Get a friend who’s an experienced photographer to help you! Or if you don’t have any, you can ask around or just pay someone to get it done. Just make sure not to splurge too much on it. Here’s an important tip: Every time you get photos taken, get a model release form from the company or photographer to ensure where your photos are going to and what is it going to be use as.

These photos will serve as your temporarily portfolio until you get sign into an agency. You will be attaching these photos in your …

Unveiling Male Behavior: How Do Filipino Men Treat Filipina Women

How do Filipino men treat Filipina women? Like queens, princess and well, the senoritas that they are. Filipino men are affectionate and they like to express how they really feel. They grew up in a culture wherein respecting women go hand in hand with love. Filipino courtship, especially the traditional "ligaw", is a process where a man serenades the woman under her window, does household chores and cajoles her into a committed relationship.

Men will do anything for the object of their affection, sometimes, even if that means, making themselves look like complete fools. Filipina women liked to be treated like queens. During sunny days, the men would carry the umbrella for the women so that they don't get exposed to the sun's rays. Sometimes, the men also carry the women's heavy luggage. There are also times when the man would do chores around the woman's house. This practice was done way back a few decades ago. However, some men still practice it today.

Filipino men, when in love, tend to shower gifts to their women. They are romantic when they want to be. They pamper their women. A man overdoes the whole romantic thing. He showers her with flowers, chocolates, sends food over and takes her out on romantic places. If he's feeling really creative, he'd cook for her; they'd have candle-lit dinners and watch black and white movies.

How do Filipino men treat Filipina women? They treat them with velvet gloves. Filipino men adore and respect their women. Aside from doing chores for the woman's family as a form of courtship (pamamanhikan), men also accompany women wherever they go. They tail their women even when they go shopping. This is to make sure that the women are safe at all times.

A Filipino man becomes sweet and thoughtful when he is with the woman he loves. He introduces her to his family and friends, and he is proud of her. He makes sure that she knows how he really feels inside and that he's serious about their relationship. When it rains and she did bring a jacket, he would gladly offer his jacket to her. He writes her love letters and read poems that he has written himself. He remembers to pick her favorite cup of coffee during cold days.

In marriage, men tend to submit a bit to their wives because they respect them. For example, since men are the breadwinners, they give their wives their pay check. They do this because their wives are the ones in-charge of the home. The wives budget the money to fit the monthly needs of the family. Men also become more responsible once they get married.

Filipino men often treat their women like how they would their mom. This is not the I-care-for-you-because-you-remind-me-of-mom thing. They respect the woman they love, give her opinions and ideas importance, and care for her. Men make it a point to make their women feel like queens who deserve only the best in life. How …

How to Become a Black Male Model

For many years, the world of modeling has been over saturated by beautiful and skinny female models. Male models have been given less limelight though most of them have been of Caucasian decent. The search and demand for black male models are on the increase with most designers have a preference of a darker skin to showcase their brands. If you have ever wanted to become a black male model, here is the chance for you.

To become a male black model, you need be black to start with. Beauty is not all necessary however. Most people perceive the world of modeling as a world of nudity and of anorexics. What you probably do not know is modeling is all about marketing. It is a mode of selling the jewelry, the clothing, fragrance and other accessories.

The demand of male models is increasing as more men become more conscious with keeping up with the latest trends and fashion. The man of today needs to looks good, smell good, and feel good. Men models are used to market and promote these products. The fashion world is looking for newer faces to market their brand and the advertisers too need different faces to appear on the covers of magazines and billboards.

So, how do you qualify to be on the catwalk? To become a black male model in high fashion, you need to have a masculine body-one that is irresistible to women. You have to have a height ranging from 5'11 "to 6'2". In addition, you have to look elegant and strong. For commercial models and ones in photo shoots, the height is not as much exaggerated. They may be shorter but have to maintain the same masculine features and a good looking face.

This career does not pay well, though with continuous publicity and earned celebrity and stardom, one's salary may increase rapidly.

Getting in the business is not easy, so is staying in it. It comes with a lot of challenges. One has to remain in shape by dieting and working out regularly and for very long hours. This is no career for the faint hearted, as it demands lots of stamina and self drive. Their looks too should be the best. To become a black male model, you have to have what it takes to beat this. There are model scouts all over looking for these males, so if you are one of them, make yourself seen.

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