Why Women Cannot Orgasm Through Intercourse

Orgasm is vital to men, so it is assumed to be equally vital for women.

(1) A woman is impregnated regardless of orgasm

Male orgasm triggers ejaculation, which is needed for reproduction. A woman cannot ejaculate because she lacks the male glands. Since ovulation occurs automatically, there is no reason for a woman to orgasm at any time.

(2) Women need emotional factors to be amenable to intercourse

Men are aroused by intercourse regardless of emotional factors. This is because orgasm occurs as a result of psychological arousal and physical stimulation. An erotic stimulus causes arousal regardless of emotional circumstances. Women are not aroused by opportunities for intercourse because there is nothing erotic about being impregnated. The emotional environment of rape is certainly very different to consensual intercourse. But the physical stimulation of rape is not so different. It is not possible for an act that causes women so much distress to also cause sexual arousal.

(3) Women are meant to be unresponsive with a lover

Women's reproductive role is to co-operate with intercourse until a man ejaculates. If women could orgasm through their own efforts or if they were motivated to stimulate a lover (by hand or by mouth), intercourse would be less likely and reproduction therefore less successful. Men think women should always want intercourse. When women find intercourse unarousing, they assume that there must be something wrong with them. But intercourse is only erotic from a male (penetrator) perspective.

(4) Intercourse is totally defined by male responses

No one can orgasm within time constraints that are determined by another person's orgasm. The stimulation of intercourse starts with male erection and ends with male ejaculation. A receiver of intercourse (the person being penetrated) cannot achieve orgasm from stimulation that is provided for an indeterminate length of time. Intercourse relies only on the male penetrator being aroused (having an erection). A receiver never needs to be aroused.

(5) Orgasm ends sexual activity that is focused on achieving it

Any activity that culminates in orgasm, naturally ends once a person has achieved orgasm. This explains why men lose interest in continuing sexual activity once they have had an orgasm. If women were as responsive as men, then logically for about half the time sexual activity would end with a woman's orgasm. But for reproductive reasons, a woman has to be willing to allow intercourse to continue until a man ejaculates.

(6) Women orgasm much less frequently than men do

Orgasm does not occur like pressing a button. Each person experiences orgasm with a specific frequency. Women orgasm on average once every two weeks regardless of age. Men orgasm much more frequently than women. It is not possible for a woman to orgasm every time a man does.

(7) Women need more time to orgasm than men do

Men masturbate to orgasm within 1 minute or so. Intercourse may be more satisfying but the stimulation is more indirect. So it takes them longer. Most men (three-quarters of them) orgasm on average …