Ancient Beauty Secrets: The Beauty Staple of Cleopatra and Helen of Troy You Can Start Using Now

Apple cider vinegar was used by both Cleopatra and Helen of Troy as a facial toner. It is a skin renewal, acting as a natural exfoliate. It balances and restores the skins PH and is an antibacterial-which makes it a great acne inhibitor.

PH balanced skin makes a huge difference in the health of your skin. When your skin is PH balanced, bacteria, acne and clogged pores simply cannot occur. The malic acid in Apple cider vinegar smooths out the skin and also helps to reduce wrinkles.

HOW: To get the benefits of this ancient beauty regimen try your hand at an apple cider vinegar based facial toner. If you don't want to purchase a beauty enhanced facial toner you can simply make your own basic toner by diluting quality apple cider vinegar with water.

To make a basic apple cider based facial toner take: 1 part raw organic apple cider vinegar to 2.5-3 parts distilled water (not spring), depending on your preference and simply dab or spay on your face after washing daily. Let it dry and then apply your moisturizer as usual. Shake well before each use and store in a dark cool place. This should last up to one month.

TIP: Apple cider vinegar has been toted as an effective acne treatment for some time. It is even known to reduce or even eliminate the exasperation and formation of acne within a few days.

Natural plant-based body care vs. traditional chemical-laden products:

Natural body care is a powerful tool if you choose to use it. Sometimes, the most simple plant-based ingredients are all we need to resolve many of the skin issues we incur.

Plant-based ingredients contain antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients that make them a powerful non-toxic way to obtain and maintain healthy, beautiful skin and have been used by ancient cultures for thousands of years-because they work.

Why are so many body care products plagued by un-natural chemicals?

The cosmetics industry as a whole has very little regulation. This means, they can use almost any chemical, toxic or not, just as long as they are not in large amounts and will purposely harm consumers after a few uses-this is why the long-term use of these products is a concern for many people. These chemicals-such as sulfates and parabens-preserve the product and create the lather, consistency, coloring and fragrance that consumers have come to expect-they're also cheaper than plant-based alternatives.

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