Handmade Jewelry Descriptions

A problem which many of us have is finding words to describe our handmade jewelry. Designing a product is inspirational. Assembling the product is dependent on our craft skills. But writing detailed handmade jewelry descriptions has its challenges.

“Become the center of attention with this beautiful red beaded bracelet.” This sentence does not truly describe the bracelet nor will it attract a buyer. “Let your friends envy this 8″ triple strand red beaded bracelet;” this statement will not sell the product.

Ordering from an online source, brochure, or a catalog requires imagery which will help the purchaser to see and feel the article with the use of words.

Visualization Tip:

  • Place a blindfold around your eyes and have someone read one of your jewelry descriptions which you have written. Are you able to visualize the jewelry piece or will you need to remove the blindfold?
  • Have that same person read aloud a description of a jewelry piece from a catalog or a magazine. Draw a mental or physical picture of the jewelry piece. Does the jewelry piece reflect the written description?

Choose words wisely:

Select adjectives which will give accuracy to your handmade jewelry descriptions of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, anklets, and other jeweled accessories which you are selling. Use words which will paint a truthful picture of the finished jewelry product.

Descriptive word choices may include:

  • Size – one size fits all or list specific sizes
  • Technique – net weaving
  • Color adjectives – Sunset pink
  • Construction materials – imported teak wood from Africa
  • Unique name – African sunset
  • A story relating to the source of inspiration
  • Inspiration – the desert oasis of the Sahara
  • Number manufactured – one of a kind or Limited edition
  • Emotional responses

Do not use too many flowery adjectives or expressions. Describing the article will help the customer to visualize the product and will help eliminate disappointment, negative advertising because of a poor description, or returning an unwanted purchase for a refund.

Consider the customers which you are targeting and use words appropriate to the gender and age of the customer. Jewelry for children would be described much differently than jewelry for an adult.

How will it benefit the customer? Will this one of a kind jewelry piece fulfill their dreams or desires for their special occasion or event?

Help the customer with emotional descriptions as well as accurate physical qualities of the handmade jewelry. Do not over romance the description.

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My Handmade Wedding Invitation Business – How to Start One

Everybody always wants to know how I set up my handmade wedding invitation business. It wasn’t all that difficult really. Anybody could do it. All you need is a little artistic ability and an imagination. And with all the neat stuff they have in the craft shops now, you don’t really even have to have that.

Have you seen all the beautiful papers they have out now. When I first started out you had your choice of white, ecru, and maybe a few pastel colors. And if you wanted them to have any kind of floral design or pattern on them, you had to do it yourself. But when it comes to wedding invitations, you have to be very precise and exact. Nobody wants a paint spattered wedding invitation and the more “store bought” they look the better. Even though it’s an original design, it still has to look professional.

But now you can get all kinds of beautiful papers. Floral patterns and stripes and polka dots. And some of the most breathtaking colors, too. Those days of peach or lavender are long gone! Another thing that’s helped in my design business is the increasing popularity of scrapbookking. With so many people turning to this as a hobby now, the manufacturers who create those products have created hundreds and hundreds of embellishments for those scrapbooks that are just perfect for wedding invitations and stationery.

No matter what theme the bridal party is looking for, you can find something useful in the scrapbookking aisle at your local craft store. I had someone ask me for a beach theme for their wedding stationery a few weeks ago and I found the most beautiful embellishments at the craft shop. They had these little pearlized seashells that matched perfectly with this muted seashell pattern paper that they had. I also found a lovely sand colored paper to use for inserts and finished it all of with a natural raffia bow. They were gorgeous! And the bride loved them!

Computers have helped a lot, too. Years ago, when I first started out, my only option for the lettering on my invitations was calligraphy. Can you imagine?! Hand lettering an invitation is a very time consuming process, even when you know what you’re doing. But now, I can let the bride sit right beside me as we choose the font styles for her invitations and I can even print our samples for her to help her decide. And in the blink of an eye, I can print out all of the inserts I need without ever lifting my calligraphy pen.

Of course, I make sure to make an extra of all of my invitations so I can put them in my portfolio. I have people ask to see samples of my work all the time. Which is only natural. No one buys wedding invitations without being able to see them first. So you see, setting up a handmade wedding invitation business these days is easy!


Why Buy Handmade Jewelry?

Many people are born with creativity and unique ideas, so they love to keep themselves looking different in the horde. Thus, Handmade Jewelry is considered to be the perfect way that makes your style different from others. If you want to experiment with your look, then you should once consider buying such jewelry.

In today’s article, I will share top 5 reasons that can convince you to acquire perfect antique jewelry along with world-class jewelry experience.

1. Makes Style Unique

It is well said that “when life gives you hands, make Handmade.” what could be natural beauty than a handcrafted thing. Be it Jewelry or outfit, Nowadays, it has gain immense popularity in the fashion world. These kind of pieces are not only admired because of its unmatched beauty, but it can also add an artistic vibe to your style and enhance your individual personality. Therefore, it can be the best option to do something different to your style.

2. Provides Customized Option

Another great way to achieve your own created customized jewelry is buying Handmade Jewelry. Most of the women are happy and cheerful to do a collection of custom design piece. Thus, it widened your design ideas and imaginations. With this, you can adopt and follow any style that complements perfectly with your face. You don’t have to depend upon on the trends and all. To acquire the world’s unique handmade jewelry you can also consider taking the advice of jewelry experts and designers.

3. Imparts Quality Assurance

Investing in an handmade jewelry can never disappoint you at all. In fact, it is the value for money piece that offers you greater ROI. When it comes to quality assurance, you need to consider few things like what type of metal you are using, caring & maintenance, and of course its storing techniques. If you take care of the above considerations, you could able to keep your jewelry safe for your coming generation.

4. Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

The best thing about this jewelry is that it can work as a perfect gift for every occasion. Be it birthday card or any artistic piece, handmade things as a gift have always been admired immensely by the people. Therefore, it has its own significance as a gift that adds a vibe of sentiments and makes it more valuable.

5. Budget-Friendly Option

Women love to flaunt their personality through their personal jewelry collection but not at the cost of spending lots of bucks. Thus, it is one of the perfect options to add a value to your collection and accentuate your style without going heavy on your pocket. Therefore, Handmade jewelry is the budget-friendly option.

So, if you are looking for something special and unique for someone who is very close your heart, then you should once choose handmade jewelry without any second thought. Thus, this gift can also make your ladylove happy.

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Polishing Handmade Silver Jewelry – Using Sandpaper To Polish Your Jewelry

Once you have made your silver item there are many ways to polish your piece depending on the type of finish you want to achieve. But generally, the best way to achieve a long-lasting, professional look is to polish your piece using sandpaper which you can easily buy from your local hardware store.

You will need to purchase different grades of sandpaper buying one sheet in each grade. The lower the grade number, the rougher the sandpaper is with the higher grade numbers over 1000 being very smooth.

Start with a lower grade of sandpaper and move your way up through the grades.

A guide for the grades to use would be:

1. 240 [start]

2. 360

3. 400

4. 600

5. 1200 [Finish]

Before starting to polish your silver piece, put on a pair of cheap cotton gloves to prevent body oils contaminating the surfaces you will be polishing.

Starting off with the 240 grade sandpaper will help to get the surface even and eliminate scratches. It is really important that you polish the piece of silver with the sandpaper in one direction to make the surface tidy and smooth.

Each time you change your sandpaper to the next grade you need to change the direction that you are polishing in. This helps get rid of scratch marks more effectively and will give you a much better finish.

So if, for example, you are polishing a pendant, start polishing from left to right with the 240 grade sandpaper. Then polish from top to bottom with the 360 grade etc. Don’t forget to do the back and sides of your piece as well to finish the item professionally.

Just using a piece of sandpaper on its own can be quite awkward and it can be difficult to evenly rub the piece of silver over the whole surface. But here is a great tip you can follow to get around this problem.

Find a straight piece of wood that is about 30cm long by 4cm wide and 1cm thick. Place a sheet of sandpaper face down on a flat surface with the long edge of your stick flush with the edge of your sandpaper. Score the back of the sandpaper along the other edge of the stick. Follow this process to wrap the sandpaper around the stick about 4 times.

Without unwrapping the sandpaper, tape the ends of the sandpaper with something like parcel tape making sure the tape has a surface you can write on. Make sure you do not tape onto the stick. Remove the stick and then repeat for the other grades of sandpaper you have bought. Write the grade of the sandpaper on the tape at each end and do this with all of your grades.

When you are finished you will now have made sanding sleeves that can easily be slipped on and off of your stick as you move through the grades. As the sandpaper becomes worn, simply peel back and tear off that surface …