The Gift Tax – Give Until it Hurts – And it Will

It's bad enough that the Federal government has the audacity to tax your family at 55 percent on the assets that you leave them when you die (assets that you have already paid income tax and capital gains tax on during your lifetime). You'd think that taking 80 percent of everything you have ever acquired would be enough. You'd be mistaken. Another tax, known as the gift tax, will tax you at a rate of 45 percent on any transfer of assets you make during your lifetime.

The gift tax excludes transfers between married couples as a husband and wife can transfer as much as they want to each other. How generous of the Federal government to allow you to transfer assets to a person whom you most likely already share ownership of the assets with.

Each year, any one person is permitted to transfer $ 13,000 worth of cash or assets to any other individual with no tax consequence. You can walk down the street and hand out $ 13,000 to every person you meet and you will be fine. However, every dollar you give to any one person above $ 13,000 will be taxed at 45 percent. If you want to buy your teenage son a car, and the car is valued at $ 20,000, you must fill out a gift tax form and pay the Federal government $ 3,150 in taxes for that year.

If you want to buy a house for your daughter as a wedding present, and the house is valued at $ 150,000, you will owe a gift tax of $ 61,650. Even if you are paying for the house monthly, via a mortgage, the Federal government will not wait. You will owe the entire $ 61,650 for that year tax return.

Incidentally, an easy way to get around this particular event would be to purchase the house as an investment property for yourself and rent it to your daughter for $ 1,000 per month. Then, you could gift her $ 1,000 per month in rent and avoid any taxable even as the total gift would amount to only $ 12,000 per year.

There are three primary exceptions to the gift tax rule. You can give as much money as you want to your spouse with no taxable event taking place. A husband and wife can transfer billions of dollars between each other and the government will not care. This allows us to transfer assets for the purpose of estate planning. You can also give as much money as you want to a legitimate IRS-recognized charitable organization which has filed a Form 501 (c) (3) and been approved as such.

The third exception to the gift tax is that you can donate money or assets for the purposes of legitimate education expense or legal medical expense. Many older people are able to successfully reduce their pending estate tax by providing their grandchildren with college educations through 529 plans or prepaid college programs.

The gift …

Study These Cool Techniques Of Chet Atkins' Style And Give Your Acoustic Playing A Makeover!

Learning guitar is all about being influenced and inspired by other guitar players, both past and present. This fuels your desire to play, and finding someone new to listen to and study is a great way to get yourself out of a period of little to no progress, reigniting your inspiration, motivation, and creativity with your own guitar playing.

A guitarist worth studying for these very reasons is Chet Atkins. We are going to take a close look at some of the key parts to his guitar playing style and in the process you will expand upon and improve improve your own playing.

At the core of Chet Atkins' style was country, however he could play most other things including jazz, flamenco, and classical, giving him the nickname of "Mister Guitar". Trying to cover everything that made up Chet Atkins' style of guitar playing is just not realistic to even try to do in a single article. It will be much better if we narrow our focus to a few key aspects and see how we can apply them to our own guitar playing and become better players in the process.

Before we do however, why is it that we should study the styles and techniques of other guitar players? Well, as already mentioned, it will improve your own guitar playing and fuel your desire to play the thing, right?

This is all true, however in addition to this, studying the styles and techniques of other guitar players will also have a big influence on your attitude towards your playing.

How is this?

When you really get into a particular player you want to know everything about them and go beyond simply copying some of their trademark riffs and licks. You want to know what makes them tick and what has gotten them to the level that they are at. It goes beyond the physical aspects of playing a guitar, and this is a massive benefit to studying other players.

Today, however, we will focus more on the physical aspects of Chet's playing, but the point above should never be underestimated.

Double Stops: Harmonising With 3rd's And 6th's

A double stop is when you play two notes together at the same time on the guitar. These notes can be on adjacent and non adjacent strings. Chet used double stops extensively throughout his playing. Most times the two notes he played created either a 3rd or 6th harmony.

Chet would often use these double stops to harmonise the melodies of the tunes he played as well as filling the pockets between a vocal line if he was playing with a singer. The result would be beautiful and rich sounding melodic lines that would feature heavily throughout Chet's playing.

To easily use the harmonies of 3rd's and 6th's in your own guitar playing, you need to be able to visualize them on the fretboard.

Once you have done this, the next step is to get these harmonies into your own playing. Studying …

Give a Calendar Gift Throughout the Year

The origin of the calendar dates back several thousand years. The idea of ​​recording time while synchronizing days and seasons evolved into the modern-day Gregorian calendar during the 16th century. The modern calendar has twelve months, fifty-two weeks, seven days a week and an extra leap year day. At some point during this evolution someone came up with the practical idea of ​​giving a calendar as a gift. Perhaps the first recipient was an ocean explorer, a farmer, a tax collector or even a prisoner.

The month and date grid provides an adaptive layout. Calendars appear on computers and digital devices, on desktops, walls, refrigerators and as creative displays. The popular Page-a-Day calendar series has spawned hundreds of titles and typifies the creative adaptation for calendar presentation. Other creative display ideas include CD stands, perpetual blocks and designs made from cloth materials. Better yet are designer calendars made out of match sticks and one crafted from bubble wrap.

Calendars are a traditional and popular gift choice during the year end and new year holiday seasons. Most gifts offer theme-based desktop and wall hanging calendars. The next chapter in the evolution of gift calendars is personalization. There is a wide array of providers and retailers offering convenient methods for making a custom, personalized calendar. Many offer photo styling where customers upload their own photos or images for a cover and for each month. Other providers offer methods to author custom narratives or text entries on each calendar day, like a book.

Another interesting customization feature allows customers to set the start date of their calendar. This customization introduces the idea of ​​giving a calendar gift any time of the year rather than during the traditional calendar giving months of December and January. This method lends itself well to a birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day and other celebrations and events through the year. A custom start date paired with custom photo and text content offers a unique presentation dedicated to the gift recipient. These gift calendars are a fresh alternative to the standard January 1 calendar.

Give a personal calendar gift that gives all year long. Recent calendar production advances are making calendar gifts an option throughout the year. Calendars may be crafted with custom covers, photo and text date entries and set with a custom start date. These features reinvent the traditional static calendar to produce an exciting and creative gift that may be given throughout the year.

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What Baby Shower Gift Should You Give A Coworker or Acquaintance That You Don't Know Very Well?

Inexpensive Baby Gifts for Coworkers and Acquaintances

We've all had it happen. There's a baby shower at work for someone that you really don't know, a friend of a friend is having a shower and somehow you got invited, your sister's sister-in-law is having a baby, whatever the reason, sometimes you need to find the perfect baby gift for someone that you barely even know. What should you get? How much should you spend?

It's a tricky affair, no doubt. You don't want to spend a lot of money, but you also don't want to come across as not caring or being cheap. If you are buying a baby shower gift for someone you don't really know, or that you only interact with on occasion at work, you do not need to spend a ton. Most people agree that $ 15 to $ 25 is an appropriate amount to spend for such a person.

So, what kinds of baby gifts can you get in the $ 15- $ 25 range, that are still really really? Fortunately, there are many to choose from. Here are just a few options:

  • Single Tier Diaper Cakes – You can find diaper cakes in many designs. Often the small single tier ones can be quite affordable.
  • Diaper Cupcakes – A smaller version of the a diaper cake, a diaper cupcake is a delightful little gift. They generally include several diapers and one or two other small items for the baby. Most run about $ 10, so they can be very economical. You can even do two together for a more impressive gift.
  • Hooded Towels and Blankets – New mommy's can never have enough of either of these.
  • Sock Flower Bouquets / Baby T-shirt Bouquets- These will run up closer to the $ 25 – $ 30 range, but they really make a statement. Plus they are very practical, and very pretty. You won't have to worry about anyone thinking you did not spend enough, because they will be too busy admiring the cute gift.
  • A baby outfit. If you choose to go this route, consider getting an outfit for when the baby will be a bit older. New moms rarely get clothing for babies that are 9-12 mos. It's a real treat when baby starts growing to have an outfit or two waiting there.
  • A gift pack of baby lotions or pregnancy / new mommy lotions.
  • Novelty Baby T-shirts, you know the ones with the fun sayings. Make sure that it's one that most people would enjoy, and it'll give everyone a laugh.

Avoid these gifts:

  • A pack of diapers. Yes, it is wonderful to have diapers for the baby. Yes, a pack of diapers fits nicely in this price range. Yes, diapers are very practical. So, why not get a pack? First off, if you don't know the mom well, you won't know whether she plans to use disposable or cloth. Most people who use cloth will use a few disposables now and then