Her Most Famous Installation (Dawn’s Wedding Feast) – Louise Nevelson

American artist Louise Berliawsky Nevelson (1899-1988), better known as Louise Nevelson, was an iconic figure in the postwar art scene and invented, what came to be known as ‘Installation Art.’ Nevelson was equally recognized for her luxurious lifestyle and flamboyant personality, which was a contrast to the underlying style of her works in wood and monochromes. Starting with smaller designs, Louise graduated to room size works with “Dawn’s Wedding Feast,” which is also known as one of her two masterworks.

Louise’s “Dawn’s Wedding Feast” was created in 1959 for the high-profile exhibition ‘Sixteen Americans’ at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, as a wood assemblage in all-white paint. It was a very prolific installation with four chapels, bride, groom, wedding cake, mirror, chest, pillow and various, stationed & hanging columns (symbolic of guests). It was this enormity, due to which, not enough buyers could be attracted for the complete structure, and Nevelson had to break it down into sixteen stand-alone sculptures. The theme of this assemblage centers on the transitions that accompany nuptial ties. It carries the essence of expectancy, bright prospects, and the promises of a marital life, through its depiction in white, a color traditionally associated with Christian matrimonial ceremony.

The use of white color here also marks ‘dawn,’ the hour of the day when this ‘feast’ is being held, another sign of a new beginning. Some sections believe that this exhibit was an allegory to her personal life, which was bound within two extremes, a failed marriage and an undeterred commitment to art. “Dawn’s Wedding Feast” was entirely made up of the discarded wood pieces of different shapes, carefully crafted to create symmetrical pieces, coated with white spray paint. This assortment is predominantly a ‘Symbolic’ work with ‘Abstract’ individual structures. Two tall columns with disc installations titled ‘Bride and Disk’ and ‘Groom and Disk,’ represent bride and groom, respectively. The large pieces had dominant central presence when compared to the rest of the structure. Of all the four chapels, “Dawn’s Wedding Chapel IV” is noteworthy on the account of its complex form and eye-catching central wheel design with four spikes. ‘Case with Five Balusters,’ a solitary piece of the “Dawn’s Wedding Feast,” is basically, a collection of geometrical pieces, with five wooden balusters, taken from the scrap of some staircase.

On the account of its unorthodox, yet superior execution, “Dawn’s Wedding Feast” earned the much deserved reputation as one of the crowning glory of ‘Modern Installation Art,’ giving high impetus to Nevelson’s artistic career.

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Discover How to Become Rich, Famous & Successful With a Modeling Career

The road to becoming rich, famous and successful in modeling is not for everyone though. In the old days you had to be extra extra skinny in order to become a rich and famous model. Today however there are far more modeling avenues that entice many looks and body types.

You may have looked at a fashion magazine and have a pretty good idea of what modeling is. To get a good look into the requirements of modeling you may want to catch an episode of Americas Next Top Model. Most of the models on the tv show are high fashion models, but you may be wanting to get into another type of modeling like plus size industry. Modeling is everywhere we go and look. Only you know what kind of model you could be but be truthful with you self.

Before you jump into pursuing a modeling career you need to make sure your are doing it for the right reasons. If not you will misguide yourself and will not make it to where you want. If you think modeling is a good way to jump start your singing or acting career you best think about it again. People with this attitude rarely make it very far in modeling. All the top modeling professionals frown upon people like this everyday. To become rich, famous and successful in a modeling career you will need to have dedication and passion.

If you are male you will need to step outside of your shell to succeed. You see more female models than you do male models. Do not let this get you down by thinking you have to display big muscles. Modeling has went through many changes since the early days. Over time new genres, styles and looks have been added with even more on the way. You just might have that new style consumers are trying to find. You just never know in our ever changing world.

To be successful in a career of modeling you will need a high level of self confidence and ambition. No matter if you are female, male or what your body type is. When you enter into modeling you will have to work extra hard to be be transformed into a popular well known face. Be careful not to get ties up with an agency that does not treat or handle their clients honestly and respectfully. Every good agency will not need you to give them money. They will earn money once you land your first modeling gig.

When you find open calls make sure you go and do not talk yourself into not going no matter what you are thinking. Just do it. You see an open call is just as good as open houses where interested models are invited to be interviewed. You need to dress in clothing that will exhibit your body type and features. You will also want to pick an outfit out that is fashionable. This is your chance to …

Famous Celebrities You Never Knew That Enjoy Model Trains and Railroading

What has Johnny Cash, Winston Churchill, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Roger Daltrey, Joe DiMaggio, Rick Green, Gene Hackman, Tom Hanks, David Hasselhoff, Elton John, Michael Jordan, Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart, Neil Young and Gary Coleman in common?

All these celebrities love watching miniature trains running around miniature mountains, rivers and towns.

In short, they are all train model addicts.

Johnny Cash, the American singer and songwriter, made TV commercials and recommendations for Lionel Trains in the 1970s.

Neil Young is part owner of Lionel trains.

Rod Stewart, in between getting into blondes and who know what else, spent considerable time and money on building train models. In fact, Rod's impressive replica of New York's Grand Central Station, complete with 100ft of tract, buildings and figures in 1940s period dress, graced the cover of Model Railroader in October 2007. An honor Rod claims to mean more than 'being on the cover of Rolling Stones. "


The late Gary Coleman is another aficionado of train models. In an online interview with ABC News, he said, "Currently I'm doing Lionel trains. I'm doing them as prototypically as possible, even though they are toy trains. I still like to do it as realistically as possible."

Gary Coleman also allegedly left his complete train collection to Allied Model Trains, The Original Whistle Stop and The Train Shack in LA So if you are a train modeller, you know you are in great company. You can even get Frank Sinatra's train layouts on DVD.

So what is the appeal of these toy trains?

First of all, they are not toys. Enthusiasts will tell you they are works of art. They are scaled down versions of the real thing. They operate like the real one. There is a sheer number of skills you need to master a working layout. You are a jack of all trades: a semi-competent carpenter, electrician, metalworker, painter, sculptor and designer all rolled into one.
There is also the joy of escapism. You can forget the business of living for hours on end while you pore over the plan for a perfect world, all of your own making.

And it's never complete. You just keep scouring for more things to add to your model to make it perfect. Adding a mountain here, a pond there, more tracks. The list is endless. It can take you years. Then, of course, there's the ultimate thrill of seeing your trains going round the track.

No wonder so many celebrities are hooked on model trains!

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