Elements of Modern Style

Unlike country style interiors where accessories and accents are 'layered' to produce a charmingly cluttered effect, modern style is built on minimalism. In the absence of objects there is space, and this space in itself is a design element. Open spaces automatically direct your eye to what few pieces are used – from an elegant streamlined chaise to a bold swirl of abstract art. So the furniture, fixtures and accessories used to define style must be strong and united by color, texture, pattern or style. Unobstructed, orderly, sparse and efficient, the clean open look of modern style would be cold and utilitarian without personality and warmth that is infused with color, texture, art and accessories.

If you wanted to create an interior with modern style, certain defining elements would need to be included. Here are the defining elements of modern style

o An open floor plan: Gone are the walls that define 'rooms' in traditional interiors. Modern interior spaces are open and airy often divided only by modular furniture, low cabinets, glass bricks and even moveable screen walls.

o Monochromatic simplicity: The walls, which set the backdrop for an interior of any style, are primarily neutral in a modern setting: Gray, white, and shades of brown or tan predominate while a bold color may be used on a focal wall. Colors from the walls may be repeated on the floor with low-pile carpeting, tile, concrete or wood, or the floor may offer great contrast: Gleaming polished wood floors in a deep mahogany stain, for example, may offset pale dove gray walls.

o Walls of glass: Glass is essential in modern design, both in furnishings and in simple unadorned window treatments that let the outside view become part of the room. Entire walls of glass that open to a mountain vista, ocean view or city skyline are an important part of the room's design. If sun blocking is needed, minimalist solar shades are often used so that the outside view is not obstructed. If there is no good view to highlight, one is often created with an indoor waterfall, modern fireplace, or piece of oversized wall art.

o The importance of color in accents: Against this monochromatic backdrop, accents assume a crucial role in setting the style and tone of the room. Bold bursts of red, ocher, cerulean blue or fresh mown green are repeated throughout the space. Style is set by accents as well: An abstract painting reminiscent of Jackson Pollock will have a different impact from retro wall art décor from the 1930s. Colors that appear in an abstract painting or metal wall sculpture will be found again in toss pillows, vases, table sculptures or lighting fixtures. Because glass, leather and polished metal are so predominant, the opposite texture will provide relief; so area rugs of sisal or coir, tufted nubby fabrics, and woven baskets or twig arrangements are often used in the mix.

o The importance of lighting: Personality and style is defined by lighting that is used …

Book Review – The Elements of Style by Strunk and White

Most of us do not like to write. Writing is a skill and not something you are born with. Initially, I did not like to write. I found it cumbersome and even difficult to put my thoughts into writing. Currently, I love to write. Writing has become a means of expression. It is the best way to organize your thoughts and convey meaning.

There are many books on writing and on technical aspects of writing such as punctuations, spelling, etc. There are few books on the style and proper flow of writing. One book stands above all books. It has also been around for awhile. That book is "The Elements of Style" by William Strunk Jr. and EB White.

The authors are also writers themselves. EB White wrote the classic children's book, "Charlotte's Web". Their principles on the style and proper use in writing is generally accepted by anyone and everyone (educators, writers, teachers, etc.).

The book, "Elements of Style", should be one of those books that students and writers should have a copy of. As a student, you will learn principles that will make your essays and papers convey effective meaning (and earn an "A" at the same time). As a writer, you will be able to make your writing flow purposefully and your ideas come across as organized and effective. This is what you want your writing to be.

The English language has its own code. The book, "Elements of Style", will enable you to "break that code" in your writing. That code includes how to use punctuations, active tense, composition, expressions, and style. Here are the topics that are covered by this reference book:

* Elementary rules of usage
This includes how to properly use parenthesis, commas, colons, dashes, etc. It is also discusses using the proper possessive form, proper use of pronouns, phrases, etc.

* Elementary principles of composition
This includes choosing a design in your writing, paragraphs, active voice, statements in positive form, using definitive (rather than useless words), loose sentences, keeping related words together, use of tense, placing emphatic words at end, etc.

* An Approach to Style
This includes writing naturally, writing with nouns and verbs, revising, rewriting, cardinal sins such as using foreign languages ​​or excessive opinions, being clear, over explanation, etc.

* A Few Matters of Form and Words and Expressions Commonly Misused.

This will benefit anyone who needs to write to a wider audience. Unless you want to write in fragmented thoughts or in a haphazard way, then this book is not for you. Otherwise, you will need this book, "The Elements of Style", to be a reference for all your writing.

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