The Real Meaning of a Bespoke, Couture, Designer Made Wedding Dress

There are many terms bandied about in the wedding industry designed to both ease the pain and add to the excitement as we part with our cash. ‘Bespoke’, ‘Couture made’ and ‘Designer dress’ are three of the most common.

Most of us probably have a fairly good idea as to what they mean, but taking a look at what they do not mean will help us to arrive at a more accurate definition.

There are not many bridal shops that do not use the term ‘designer’ somewhere in the description of the dress they are presenting to us. All things we use in this life have a designer. Even a paper coffee cup had to be designed by someone. Try convincing the average buyer that the paper cup is a ‘designer’ cup worth ten times more than an ordinary paper cup and you might have some problems.

Yet effectively that is exactly what is happening in the case of many of the ‘designer’ labels we see in our high streets as well as the designer wedding dresses we first spoke about. Mass-produced dresses made (and often designed) in the Far East are being presented to us in this way. I don’t know about you, but this to me, seems to weaken the whole ‘designer dress’ ethos. Why pay more if it’s nothing but a mass-produced clone?

So what makes for a true ‘designer dress’?

Firstly, there has to be an exclusive element to the design. Admittedly high prices are in themselves a way of making a dress more exclusive, but there has to be more to it than that.

What about the dresses that grace the Hollywood red carpets and the latest catwalk shows? What makes them a designer dress?

The answer to that is individuality. Most of these dresses have been drawn by a designer and then made by a small, elite team of seamstresses, who are working the movie star or model’s actual measurements.

This is often a ‘bespoke’ dress in the true meaning of the word i.e. a ‘one off’ garment made for the individual.

The word ‘couture’ has in recent years come to mean a garment that is made to an accepted high standard by a skilled designer and sewing team. Originally the term could only be used in certain regions of France. Even today the term ‘Haute Couture’ can only be used when referring to ten current fashion houses based in Paris and three other correspondent fashion houses.

Is it possible to buy true bespoke, couture made designer wedding dresses in the UK? Yes of course, but you have to look for them. Many designers have to a certain extent ‘sold out’ to the enormous wedding dress factories based in China, and who can blame them?

In the wedding trade it is quite usual for a wedding dress ‘designer’ to walk in to a Chinese design room, choose from a range of fabrics, bodice patterns, embroidery styles, sizes required and then effectively leave them to …

Potential Reasons For Fashion Designer Bags

Anywhere you go is a good reason to have one of the fashion designer bags, if only to know that you have one. Designer fashions are always a statement about who you are and what you are all about, and showing up with one under your arm simply tells it like it is.

Some of your friends suggest going out of town for the weekend, and being ready for some relaxation time you're in for it. Of course, this means a wardrobe adjustment that will require a nice hand bag to go with a special outfit. Not a problem. Just get a good designer bag.

You get an invitation in the mail from old dear friend whose baby sister is getting married and you have been invited. There is no discussion about whether or not you will go. Of course you will. And, the best part of all is that you will have to get a new outfit, which means another designer original.

The phone rings during your lunch break and you answer to find out it is a childhood friend from your old hometown. After much excited talk and catching up on the years since your last saw each other, you get invited to come home for a visit. This sounds really good to you, and the first thing you know is needed, is a fashion statement. An original designer bag.

While running errands you step around a corner and nearly get knocked down by a person who looks vaguely familiar. The two of you stand there for a minute and then realize you used to work at the same building together. A few more exchanges of conversation and you are invited to a nice dinner out. You got it. Time to buy another one of those beautiful fashion designer bags.

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How Long Does It Take to Become a Fashion Designer?

The question many aspiring young artists with a flair for fashion often ask is, “How long does it take to become a fashion designer?” The answer differs according to the individual, but there are some standards that can be set so that anyone who wishes to enter the industry and become successful in it can have some idea of what to do and how long to wait before he or she can launch a clothing line and start getting public attention.

Starting as Early as Possible

Students in high school should already have some idea of what they want to do in life, so if an interest in fashion is already apparent as early as fourteen years old, students can already start taking classes to get a jump start on training. There are art and design classes, home economics, sewing and tailoring, pattern-making and other fashion-related classes that high schools offer. If not, community colleges and other institutions are always open for students who are interested in taking classes like these.

After high school, how long does it take to become a fashion designer in the professional sense? Tertiary education is the next step in order for anyone to truly earn a niche in fashion. Four year bachelor courses in fashion design are offered in major colleges and universities, so are two year associate degrees. More prestige means a bachelor’s degree, but those who wish to finish their education in a shorter time may still enroll in associate courses. These courses give students the necessary background and knowledge and hone their skills in order for them to progress.

Getting into the Industry

After graduation, the logical step to answer the question how long does it take to become a fashion designer is to enter the industry. This can be done either through an internship or by getting employed as an assistant or any entry-level job, preferably with a big company or well-known fashion name. This way, a student can maximize the experience and learn a lot that can later be applied. Depending on how long the contract is, or how well a person does, this can take anywhere from two years to until the aspiring designer reaches middle age. New fashion designers can even opt to enter amateur contests in order to show the world what they can do.

For those who are just beginning, starting as soon as high school may knock a few years off the training process, so that it is possible to have gained the necessary education and experience in the early to mid-twenties. For those who found their passion later in life, it can take as little as five years if the person is really determined and has the proper drive to succeed, and as much as ten years if the individual stays longer with a fashion company or label. In the end, the only person who can tell how long does it take to become a fashion designer is himself or herself, as success …

Italian Designer Jewelry History

The history of jewelry design in Italy is rich, diverse and passionate. Modern Italian designer jewelry draws from traditions in fine craftsmanship that dates back centuries. Almost every culture indulges in some form of body adornment, much of this is done in relation to a ceremonial purpose; religious affiliation, social status or family. This was no less true in Italy; however, there are some unique differences in the approach of the Italian designer to jewelry that is linked to the great role of Rome in world history. The campaigns that extended the power of the Roman empire to far corners of the world, resulted in different influences coming to bear on the Italian artistic design of jewelry.

In many of the works by classical Italian jewelry designers, you see traces of Egyptian, Greek and Asian culture. How the combination of these cultures impacted the development of designs, is easy to see from the discoveries of jewelry made during the ancient Etruscan period in southern Italy. From the 9th to 4th centuries B.C., these early Italian jewelry designers, whose gold jewelry designs have never been equaled in beauty, perfected the techniques that are still in use in making Italian designer jewelry today. A prime example of the value jewelers place on their craft is seen in the life of one of the best known 19th century Italian jewelry designers, Pio Fortuna Castellani, who studied and revived the Etruscan “granulation” technique for crafting gold jewelry. Castellani, among others throughout the history of Italian jewelry design, have infused passion into this craft of beauty, that in many regions of the country is almost an obsession. This is the main factor which has set their production apart from the rest of the world.

Gold has always been the most highly used metal in Italian designer jewelry; respecting the fact that the human body, mind and spirit has a strong, innate connection to gold, more than any other metal. Prized for its affinity to the color to the sun, our powerful lifegiver on earth, the attraction of gold is magnetic and was revered in ancient times. The demand for gold Italian designer jewelry of today has not lessened, but the wonderful Italian sterling silver jewelry cannot be ignored either. Now there are Italian jewelry designers that have chosen to work exclusively in the highest quality sterling silver, creating beautiful ornaments for every part of the body. The demand for Italian designer jewelry is the result of high production standards along with the originality, quality and diversity. The history of craftsmanship of Italian designer jewelry has always been highly valued, whether it was for gold, sterling silver or gemstone pieces.

Italian designer jewelry today continues to make fashion history with designs in bold and delicate gold, oversized and trendy sterling silver with diamonds or semi-precious gemstones. When you are ready to adorn your body with something beautiful, take advantage of the rich history of Italian designer jewelry to satisfy your every desire.

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Designer Clothing – The Best Choices Are Online

There are so many different clothing outlets that it can be hard to know where to buy the latest designer clothing. However, as the UK high street buckles under the strain of the recession, more and more people are turning to the Internet to find the designer clothing labels they crave…and saving money in the process.

More Choice Online

When you look at designer clothing online you can be sure of great choice and great value, something that the high street has repeatedly failed to offer some customers. You could go to a small high street store and find an item you like, only to be told that your size isn’t in stock and the larger city store has it instead. This can be frustrating. The best advice is to look on the Internet and find your favourite items in an online store. Online stores stock a wide range of designer clothing which means you don’t have to trail round the high street trying to find that new dress or skirt.

Online Retailers Are Surviving The Recession

Of course, fashion companies have realised the potential of online shopping. Over the last few years, the number of people logging on to the Internet to buy their designer clothing has increased significantly. Sole online retailer has seen staggering profits for the first quarter of 2009 and they have proved they are bucking the downward trend that is making the high street suffer. Despite the fact you have to pay postage and packing online, there is just so much more choice on offer and people are lured in by the fact they can shop from the comfort of their armchair.

Buy Now, Pay Later

Another benefit of buying designer clothing online is that you don’t have to feel like you are handing over lots of cash for an item that you fear you can’t afford. For many, shopping online with a credit or debit card is like paying with imaginary money and doesn’t dent your pocket as much. Of course, the money still gets taken out of your account, but the psychological implications of handing over cash in a shop make it much harder to digest, whereas you can shop online and have that sense of “buy now, pay later”.

So, if you’re looking for the best designer clothing, head to the Internet and you’ll find a plethora of beautiful clothes at great prices.

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The Vintage Jewelry Designer Florenza

The Dan Kasoff Company first began to produce jewelry in the 1930's; However, the name Florenza was first used in 1948. The company ceased operation in 1981.

Florenza jewelry has a style and design all his own, easily identifiable. Antique looking settings give the jewelry a Victorian look. Florenza always used the highest quality materials and rhinestones.

He also used the large beautiful stones as the center piece in his designs and rhinestones an inch or larger were also common. More so than just a designer of vintage jewelry, Florenza made picture frames and trinket boxes to jeweled pillboxes and pincushions.

The Florenza mark on back of his jewelry pieces is in script with the copyright symbol or it can be found in print style, with the copyright symbol. His signature look has interesting stones and expert metal work. Antique-looking gold tone, silver tone, or metal. Most pieces are unusual, with creative use of color.

Florenza Made beautiful jeweled dresser accessories. These are also fun to find, and often re-sell well. The Florenza prices on the collectible market today is rising.

For a beginner collector of vintage jewelry, I feel that Florenza is a terrific designer to look for, at least one or two pieces. Prices are only going to climb higher and is a good investment. The best thing to do is buy sets, pieces that move or tremble, and interesting figural pieces. Look for the wide bracelets, these are sought out by many collectors.

The Dan Kasoff Company (Florenza) created a large variety of interesting, well-made pieces that have remained beautiful through the years. A beginning collector can easily find appealing Florenza designs
that are also in excellent condition. Future collectors, find a piece or two that you like, that is important. You have to enjoy the piece that you purchase.

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Designer Perfume

Retrouvez toutes les astuces beauté sur notre weblog. Et je termine par la poudre affinitone de Gemey-Maybelline qui à mon avis a changé de formule automotive j’avais sa model précédente et je l’aimais bien mais celle – ci est devenu difficile à utiliser vu qu’on ne peut pratiquement pas la prendre avec un pinceau (j’ai essayé avec une éponge et c’était un peu mieux) de plus, elle ne matifie pas toute la journée et ne couvre pas assez.

Bon sang, que j’aime ces soirées passées dans notre canapé, lovés sous un plaid, les yeux rivés sur le petit écran avec Dexter ronronnant tout près ! Please enter the requested data beneath to complete your registration, and to start enjoying all the benefits supplied to our registered prospects.

I wasn’t an enormous fan of Search engine optimisation In-gook, I believed he was too over-acting and had a violent tendency (which I really hate about a whole lot of Korean dramas, the guys are wayyyy too violent and aggressive). The scent started to hassle me shortly, because it’s bought a prominent almond word that at instances smelled a bit faux to me, but it’s a gourmand type of scent with vanilla, pistachio and almond fragrance.

With products from among the leading names in the trade, including bareMinerals®, Bobbi Brown, Dr. Denese Skin Care, IT Cosmetics®, Josie Maran Cosmetics, Laura Geller, Mally Beauty, tarte, Clarisonic, Perricone MD, philosophy, Proactiv® Answer, Emjoi, St. Tropez, WEN by Chaz Dean, and plenty of more, we’re truly your one-stop beauty shop.

Son écran LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY est également tactile comme les iPhones et très réactif, donc vous n’avez pas à cliquer de toute votre force pour changer d’icône j’exagère à peine. You are supposed to use one layer and let it dry, then apply a second thicker one and quickly use the magnet earlier than it dries.…

Designer Beauty Merchandise At Neiman Marcus

Toc, toc… Il y a quelqu’un ? En fait, elle offre peut-être le mix parfait : elle a un petit côté ensoleillé mais elle est plus facile à porter qu’un imprimé wax classique un peu plus coloré (même si au closing elle m’a justement donné envie de pièces wax plus flashy). Je n’ai jamais vraiment voulu arrêter mon blog.

After I heard the model was releasing two new Do not Despair, Repair merchandise, I couldn’t watch for them to get in my hair!!! Afin de mieux gérer votre temps prenez un carnet spécial et planifiez y votre journée, marquez sur ce carnet tout ce que vous devez faire, par ordre de priorités et de cette façon vous n’oublierez rien.

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En terme de soins, dermatologue, soins anti âge, les femmes blanches sont devant nous. Oui, mon blog est vieux, ringard et moche mais c’est aussi pour ça qu’on l’aime. Substances: White Kidney Bean Extract, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Gum Arabic, Hibiscus Flower Extract, Stearic Acid (Vegetable Supply), Maltodextrin, Silicon Dioxide.

Toutes ces choses qui contribuent à véhiculer une picture négative et stigmatisante qui font de nous des moins que rien. L’article n°10 est la revue du gommage surfin pour peaux sensibles de la marque la roche-posay. De plus, je peux également vous parrainer (cela me permettra de recevoir une field gratuite), il suffit d’entrer mon mail (mojito-beauty@) lors de votre inscription.…

Luxurious Designer Clothing

With all the popular shoe developments circulating the fashion scene proper now (aka dad shoes, mules, block heeled boots) it can be straightforward to overlook about the trusty over-the-knee boot Perfect for those chilly days, these boots will keep you heat and on-pattern with ease. I have stopped shopping all together but when I really want one thing these are my favorite choices: Asos, Vintage, Etsy (& normally handmade), swapping garments with friends and my sister, something that is made domestically in Greece and h&m aware assortment.

I do not tend to watch loads of TELEVISION. Title one show that simply received a Golden Globe or a sequence that each one you individuals are frantically binge-watching and nope, I have not seen it. Probably have not even heard of it (more about why is true here ). However, I do love to decompress in the evenings with a dose of HGTV.

Even with just this first web page to think about (and how I’d wish to see the rest!), and that it probably represents a lifetime of clothes, it’s clear that Mrs. Meaning a perfect pair of jeans (skinny, boot minimize or straight leg), a versatile T-shirt and some clothes that may easily transition from day to nighttime.

Being stylish and ON TREND performs out in our on a regular basis lives in all aspects of who we’re and what we do. Despite the fact that what’s considered on the time as fashionable and classy is a fashion disaster and catastrophe in itself. Myntra’s clothing will let you flaunt fashion and carry grace.

See the “Retro Style Historical past” and “Vintage Style and Artwork” hyperlinks beneath to study more about silhouettes and see a lot of nice images by decade. You may find our Women’s Clothing tops cut up into just a few completely different classes, including Tops & T-shirts, Workplace Wear and Sweaters & Cardigans.…