The Number 1 Trait That Attracts Women (and How to Demonstrate It to Be Attractive to Women)

Here's a personality trait that many guys try hard to embody, but can't quite figure it out. And even cause them to come on too strong.

The trait here is none other than the dominant personality.

This is the # 1 trait that attracts women.

Yes, while other personality traits can also make you attractive in the eyes of a woman, the dominant personality really makes you stand out. Because when you exhibit this trait around a woman, it communicates to her you're a better choice than the other guys she meets.

Now, this is not about intimidating people or bossing people around. Or starting a fight to show off to women … it's different.

Read on to find out how to demonstrate this trait and become attractive to women.

How to demonstrate your dominance

1. Take charge and lead

One of the manly qualities a woman looks for in a potential lover is a man who takes the initiative to take charge and make the decisions.

To demonstrate your dominance and stand out from other guys, be in charge. Be the one to decide what to do for the night, pick the restaurant, decide what to do for the weekend, etc. DON'T ask a woman permission to do something with you. Instead, SOFTLY command … "I'm off to get some lunch, COME ALONG WITH ME" .

By the same token, don't be afraid to MAKE YOUR MOVE when with a woman you find attractive. Learn how to read women's body language, because a woman will give off signals that indicates she wants you to make a move – from kissing her to taking her to the bedroom. Keep in mind, a woman will never verbalise this. Because she doesn't want to come across as 'easy'. Though she will put up a little resistance at first, she still wants you to be persistent.

And this takes us to the next tip on how to demonstrate your dominant personality.

Showing initiative, taking charge, and taking the lead are qualities women find attractive in a man.

2. Be persistent with women

Another way to show your dominant personality is to be persistent with women.

Persistent in the sense that, if you really WANT a girl, don't give up when you can tell she's playing 'hard to get'.

Again, learn how to read a woman's body language. Because a woman might say "no" to you, yet her body language will show signs of interest. Plus, she will play 'hard to get' because she doesn't want you to see her as an 'easy' chick.

As dating expert Steve Scott has written, "Dominance shows you're a persistent guy who doesn't back down from a challenge. You can accomplish a lot through sheer force of will. A forceful guy finds it hard to take 'NO' for an answer. While he's respectful of a woman's wishes, he still has the fortitude to keep trying when other guys give up. "

Women LOVE to be pursued – it's …