The Symbolism of a Crystal Butterfly Gift

Throughout history humans have established a multitude of symbols covering a wide range of purposes. Those purposes can straddle the powerful symbols of religion or the simplest such as a first baby tooth kept by a mother to remind her of her child’s youth.

One such simple representation is the symbolism of the Butterfly. When we think of butterflies, we create in our minds the images of large colorful wings, flowers and nectar or unusual flight. But more often than not, we think of the transformation of the caterpillar through metamorphosis into the butterfly.

In non-technical terms we tend to view this process as “new life,” or “rebirth” or a “new beginning.” These are the primary symbolisms of the Butterfly.

Those symbolisms are what make giving a crystal butterfly figurine as a gift so unique and important. We all pass through various stages in our lives that can be celebrated as

a “rebirth” or “a new beginning.” You can celebrate one of these stages with a friend or a family member by giving a crystal butterfly as a gift.

When a family moves into a new home, they are in fact starting over. When someone is promoted to a higher level job new responsibilities come along with the position. When a young couple marries they begin a new life as one. Someone escaping death from an accident or illness has a new chance on life. These are just a few of the many stages that can be recognized with a crystal butterfly figurine. A few well-chosen words on the gift card will help to make the gift important and significant.

The question you might ask is “Why a Crystal Butterfly?” The answer is simple. A butterfly made from most other materials would not match the elegance, quality or beauty of crystal. Nor would it have the clarity and sparkle that we value so much. That sparkle captures the eye and will stimulate the memory and significance of the event for which it was given.

Crystal has its own level of symbolism. For hundreds of years, crystal has been the symbol of purity and social standing. It was the material favored by kings, nobility and artists. Perhaps combining crystal with a butterfly will take on its own meaning for our period in time.

The symbolism of a crystal butterfly gift will not go unnoticed. It will always be evident to the receiver and meaningful in that person’s life. The combined symbolism of crystal and butterfly can be very powerful.

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