MARS Model of Individual Behavior and Results

Companies are striving to answer many questions in efforts to benefit from positive employee behavior in the workplace. The goal of most companies is to foster a win-win situation for both the company and associate. What is the difference between a happy satisfied employee and a disgruntled unmotivated employee? Is it how much money he or she makes, or the amount of time they spend on the job? Is it the work environment? Does the position meet the needs of the employee? Can the employee successfully perform? Does the employee know the role they play in their organization? Has the manager provided their employees with the required tools to be successful? In fact, there is a model of individual behavior that answers these questions quite well. The MARS model of Individual Behavior and Results introduced in chapter two of Organizational Behavior, 4th edition (McShane & Von Glinow) is an excellent medium for creating the win-win relationship between the employer and associate.

This model identifies four interrelated elements that have an affect on employee performance; Motivation, Ability, Role perception and Situational factors. These factors are highly interrelated; for example, a data analyst is skilled in running reports (ability), self taught on how to use the latest tools to extrapolate data (motivation), and understands how this information will help management make decisions (role perception), but does not have the required access to the data files (situational factors). Unless all of the elements of the MARS model are satisfied, employee behavior and performance will be negatively impacted.

A successful manager will possess a clear understanding of the abovementioned elements and be able to apply them. Motivation is the internal influence affecting employees’ actions. Employers must meet the intrinsic needs of associates to fully capitalize on the motivation element of this model. In order to accomplish the job, employees must have the necessary abilities. Managers are responsible for ensuring their employees receive the required training and skills to be successful. Another critical function of the ability element is to place employees in positions that will effectively utilize their talents. The third element of the MARS model is role-perception. Staff members must have a clear understanding of where they fit in the organization and how they contribute to the overall mission. Comprehensive job descriptions with clear expectations will aid the associate in understanding the role-perception element. The final element is Situational factors. Employees must have all of the required tools, equipment and work space to accomplish the job.

How does a manager adopt the MARS model? Starting with motivation, employers must have a good relationship with employees and discover the driving force behind their actions. One well known theory of motivation organizations must consider is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. In the workplace Maslow’s hierarchy levels are satisfied as follows:

Level 1 – Physiological & Body – Good salary and safe working conditions.

Level 2 – Safety and Security – Job training programs and enrichment.

Level 3 – Social & Friends – Team building seminars and …

Unveiling Male Behavior: How Do Filipino Men Treat Filipina Women

How do Filipino men treat Filipina women? Like queens, princess and well, the senoritas that they are. Filipino men are affectionate and they like to express how they really feel. They grew up in a culture wherein respecting women go hand in hand with love. Filipino courtship, especially the traditional "ligaw", is a process where a man serenades the woman under her window, does household chores and cajoles her into a committed relationship.

Men will do anything for the object of their affection, sometimes, even if that means, making themselves look like complete fools. Filipina women liked to be treated like queens. During sunny days, the men would carry the umbrella for the women so that they don't get exposed to the sun's rays. Sometimes, the men also carry the women's heavy luggage. There are also times when the man would do chores around the woman's house. This practice was done way back a few decades ago. However, some men still practice it today.

Filipino men, when in love, tend to shower gifts to their women. They are romantic when they want to be. They pamper their women. A man overdoes the whole romantic thing. He showers her with flowers, chocolates, sends food over and takes her out on romantic places. If he's feeling really creative, he'd cook for her; they'd have candle-lit dinners and watch black and white movies.

How do Filipino men treat Filipina women? They treat them with velvet gloves. Filipino men adore and respect their women. Aside from doing chores for the woman's family as a form of courtship (pamamanhikan), men also accompany women wherever they go. They tail their women even when they go shopping. This is to make sure that the women are safe at all times.

A Filipino man becomes sweet and thoughtful when he is with the woman he loves. He introduces her to his family and friends, and he is proud of her. He makes sure that she knows how he really feels inside and that he's serious about their relationship. When it rains and she did bring a jacket, he would gladly offer his jacket to her. He writes her love letters and read poems that he has written himself. He remembers to pick her favorite cup of coffee during cold days.

In marriage, men tend to submit a bit to their wives because they respect them. For example, since men are the breadwinners, they give their wives their pay check. They do this because their wives are the ones in-charge of the home. The wives budget the money to fit the monthly needs of the family. Men also become more responsible once they get married.

Filipino men often treat their women like how they would their mom. This is not the I-care-for-you-because-you-remind-me-of-mom thing. They respect the woman they love, give her opinions and ideas importance, and care for her. Men make it a point to make their women feel like queens who deserve only the best in life. How …