Proprietor of Cape Coral artwork boutique calls for stolen palm tree to be returned

CAPE CORAL, Fla.– New video exhibits the minute that a potted palm tree was stolen…

CAPE CORAL, Fla.– New video exhibits the minute that a potted palm tree was stolen from appropriate exterior Karma and Coconuts Boutique in downtown Cape Coral.

The operator of the storefront, Denise Ahlstrom says even although the palm tree is not worthy of that substantially, it experienced fantastic sentimental worth to her. 

Just strolling into the shop, you comprehend that the retail store is a celebration of artwork. 

“Local. Absolutely Local. Our artists are yr-spherical whole time, and we make or structure what we sell for them.” Ahlstrom said. 

Karma and Coconuts is packed with pieces of art of all kinds, from 82 unique artists, all of them with a distinctive model. Each individual item has a story, all the way down to the potted vegetation out entrance, such as the a single stolen more than the weekend. 

“One of my truly very good close friends, she had grown that from a seed for me, it is 1 of people factors wherever you cannot put cash on that,” she said. 

Caught on digital camera Sunday night, you can see a man make off with her potted palm tree, which for her held good sentimental value. 

“She had nurtured it, and she had babied it. My objective was not to enable that tree die.” Ahlstrom described.

Rather of contacting the police, Ahlstrom instead posted the online video to Facebook, only asking for the man to return it. 

“I’m blown absent by it. I posted it, and it was just a handful of likes in the commencing, and then it blew up and went a little nuts,” Ahlstrom explained.

Now she’s hoping that karma will choose its system, and her tree will be returned to her.