How is a nose piercing executed?

Piercings have gone mainstream since a while and more people are looking forward to getting them done. Piercings have an interesting history and they have been prevalent for 5,000 years or even more. You can see indigenous communities of different parts of the world adorning various types of body piercings. If you see pictures of Indian women, then you will often notice that they have amazing nose jewelleries. Most of the time they wear these in their left noses, and they may have different designs depending on the region from which the women belong. In India, you can see different diamond nose ring designand get them made from a jewellery maker. If you are a fan of such nose piercing, then you may think about getting them yourself. For that certain procedures are followed, so let us know a bit about them.

The procedure of a nose piercing:

  • The first thing that a professional piercer does is to let their clients know about the piercings and the things that they can expect from the piercing. They also help the clients to choose a jewelery which will suit them and go well will the type of piercing that they are getting.
  • The next step involves sterilizing the area of piercing. This minimizes the chance of getting any infections. Professionals will always wear latex gloves while doing the job and the sterilization is done by using an alcohol wipe.
  • Then they will mark the proper point which will be pierced. They will consult with the client to see if they are happy with the place or they will make necessary changes. This step is very important as it cannot be changed once the piercing has been done. The piercer may also recommend you get pierced in a different spot if they think that it will be better.
  • The last step is definitely to Pierce the point using a hollow needle. They do this very carefully so that there is very little trauma received to the point which will help it to heal fast and healthily. They may even provide a little massage to the place if they sense it tensing up. Piercers always try to do this step quickly without giving their client any kind of pain.
  • After the piercing has been done, they insert the jewelery in its correct place and clean up any blood that may have come out during the process of accomplishing the piercing.
  • One of the most crucial steps after a piercing is to make the client know more about the process of aftercare and the right ways to be careful about the piercing. Some piercers even provide a small aftercare package to their clients to make the process easier.

These may sound like a lot, but nose piercing is one of the easiest things that you can get. It isn’t even as painful as you might have thought. You can buy nose rings online to access to a wide variety of designs. We will recommend you pick nose jewellery that you really do like as you will not be able to change it till the piercing is fully healed. We hope that you get the piercing of your choice as soon as possible.