Ford Plans Doorless Bronco Extras That Connect to Doorway Strikers

Ford never mentions precise car or truck names in patent programs, but when it relates…

Ford Plans Doorless Bronco Extras That Connect to Doorway Strikers

Ford never mentions precise car or truck names in patent programs, but when it relates to detachable doors, that narrows it down quite a little bit. Early very last week, the Dearborn automaker used for a patent relating to a collection of equipment that could be mounted on a vehicle’s doorway strikers. Of course, these strikers are only accessible when a doorway is remaining open or removed, and as these kinds of, all of these gizmos are developed for when a rig like the Bronco is in adventure manner.

Yes, following up on Ford’s seemingly obsessive routine of making use of for patents on what can only be explained as frivolous—but admittedly interesting—gizmos for off-roading and entertaining, it has just lately devised a sequence of extras like ladders, tables, and lights that may be excellent to mount from a door striker. They’re going to go nicely with the elaborate amusement technique in the frunk of an F-150 Lightning, the chair the automaker appears to be to want to set on the roof of the Bronco, and of system, the display doors it could include to the truck.

The patent app, correctly titled “Extras SUPPORTED BY Doorway STRIKERS OF MOTOR Cars,” describes a good deal of unique stuff. It explicitly mentions ladders, storage containers, cupholders, tables, and lights, although the total scope of what could be connected is even additional substantial. The doc also says some of these goods are dual-function, noting that they “are useable as a move when mounted to the car, and are also useable as a resource (i.e., as a shovel, flashlight, little bit driver, socket wrench, and/or hex wrench) when taken out from the car or truck.” So not only is Ford advertising you a practical gadget, but it is really also promoting you a set of tools.

The over photos display a couple of the equipment. Products like the desk are explained as obtaining adjustable legs to assist on their own further than just becoming held on by the striker, as effectively as shops and USB ports to demand products that would be run from the doorway harness plug. Furthermore, you may notice the ladder has serrations. The paperwork assert these are incorporated for “de-scaling fish or as a shoe scraper.”

If you haven’t caught on but, all of these items are made for the sort of hardcore tailgating Ford is encouraging with the Bronco. The lights in determine 26 is also a nice touch, but I you should not like how you can find just a established of disembodied legs placing on the roof. I added the relaxation of the human being in the illustration below to take care of this concern. This specific is appropriately donning Blue Oval-branded goods.

As significantly as whether or not these accessories will basically be unveiled, which is up in the air. Patent purposes usually are not a assertion of production intent. But the fact that Ford desires to guard the thought from currently being mimicked by other corporations is a little something, at the very least.

It could be that this and a selection of other principles that Ford is looking to secure are section of a merchandising thrust. Stellantis is previously executing something similar with its collection of Immediate Relationship functionality elements for Dodge autos.

Even if these striker-mounted increase-ons do not come to fruition, they are continue to attention-grabbing. Identical to the Maverick’s Suits slots, it’s a straightforward way to attach a range of useful add-ons to a auto that enhances its functionality, and another resourceful remedy from Ford.

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