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Kratom is a Special – Community and Sale Blog. Not long ago, there were pirated plants in Kalimantan that caused a commotion in the community.
That is because the results of research from high school students can cure breast cancer.
But actually there is another plant from Kalimantan that is the discussion, namely kratom.

Kratom leaf or leaf extract is often used as a stimulant and a sedative.
Kratom is also used to treat chronic pain, digestive ailments, and herbal medicine to cure drug addicts of opium dependence.
However, until now there have been no clinical trials to prove that kratom has health effects.
That also makes kratom not yet approved for medical use in a number of countries.

Kratom is a Special

However, it is different from the United States where kratom is used as alternative medicine and is legalized and has a forum for the Buy Kratom Bulk Blog community.
At low doses, kratom works as a stimulant so that it makes the user more energized, more alert, and feels kinder.
Whereas at higher doses, kratom is used as a sedative, blunts emotions and sensations, and provides euphoric effects.

The main active ingredients of kratom are the alkaloid mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. According to research evidence, alkaloids provide analgesic or pain relief, anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxation effects.
Because of this, kratom is often used to relieve symptoms of fibromyalgia.

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How to Take

There are several ways to consume Kratom. The simplest method that is most preferred is to mix it with orange juice or lemonade.
Another method is quick and simple, where you simply scoop a spoonful of powder into your mouth followed by a sip of water, rinse in your mouth to mix it, then tap again.
Initially a bit complicated, but you will get used.
Another popular alternative is making tea from Kratom powder by boiling it in a pan with a little water, let it go first so that the residue falls, then filtering the liquid.
Many people prefer this and there are several recipes you can follow.

Some people also like to take Kratom capsules. However, the most important thing when taking Kratom is the dose.
The dosage used varies from person to person, which you must find yourself through trial and error.
The typical dosage you