What your Leather Bag Says About Your Personality

A bag is the most important accessory to have with you as it can define your style, distinguish yourself from others, and it helps to accent your wardrobe. It is safe to say that a good bag is as essential part of your daily routine, and it’s a key part of feeling put together. You may not think much about your favorite bag, but what you use to carry your stuff around in can say a lot about your personality. 

Although there are a ton of bags, styles, prices, brands and products to choose from, we’ve rounded up our favorites and what they could possible mean about you. 

Classic Leather Tote Bag

The most basic and easy to use bag is the classic leather tote bag. It is functional, stylish and super easy to take wherever you go. From work to after party hangouts, this bag has got your back! If your go to bag is a tote than you are stylish, smart and sophisticated. The leather tote bag has a timeless and refined look and it is a smart investment. Especially when you buy a handmade one from full-grain hides. Look for authentic leather from a company who cares about supporting local. The tote bag woman is a gal about town. This lady will look like she has power and is confident. And she can also multitask; she is here on a mission and needs a bag that can hold all of her ideas, essentials and more. 

If you are looking for even more space you may opt for the XL tote bag as big as a shopper, which enables you to be unpredictable and seize the day. You don’t know what the day might bring and this super large size bag prepares you for anything, now that you can put all your essentials in one bag, you will use that space, maximizing every moment and inch of your life. It is the perfect accessory when you go on a holiday, are on the go for meetings or when you go out for spontaneous coffee. You also have a conscious lifestyle because now you will never have to ask for a plastic bag whenever you unexpectedly buy something at the market.


The woman with the clutch is on top of the world or at least well on her way. She is ready for a night on the town and prepared throughout the day. A clutch helps you to look more festive and keep you in the spotlight, as you are the life of the party. A clutch is an elegant accessory and it always makes a statement. If you prefer the clutch as your bag of style, it means you are focused on the present, detailed yet still open to possibilities. You are organized and minimalistic in your approach to the day. You can wear the clutch in a casual way, with denim and a ruffle top or a holiday party. You can also opt for a