5 regional sarees from different corners of India that are trending right now

Sarees are an important piece of clothing in every woman’s wardrobe. It is that 5-9 yard piece of clothing which adorns every Indian woman at some time or the other. It is because of the rich diversity of India and its culture that women of each state wear sarees differently. Each Indian state has its own style and fabric for which it is known for and thus stands distinct from the other states of India. While the local artists present in different states play a crucial role in defining which fabric is popular in that particular state, it is the sari draping style that differentiates them greatly.
In this article, we’ll discuss 5 popular regional sarees from different states of India.

1. Kanjeevaram saree from Tamil Nadu

This saree was originally named after the town Kanchipuram. The most outstanding feature of these sarees is the silk material used to manufacture them. It is one of the most finest silk material with high durability. Apart from the finest quality of silk, these sarees are known for their bright colours and gold embellishment on the border. This zari work is done by the highly talented artisans of the local community.

2. Paithini saree from Maharashtra

These sarees derive their name from the Paithan town of Aurangabad in Maharashtra. One of the most striking feature about these sarees is that they are handwoven by the craftsmen using the finest quality silk. These sarees are popular among the women all over India for their square shaped designs on the borders and nature inspired designs on the pallu. Bright colours and heavy work is what make this saree distinct from the others.

3. Bomkai saree from Odisha

Odisha is known all over the world for its handloom sarees. These sarees are locally known as Bomkai sarees. These sarees are manufactured by the local craftsmen and thus they have that tribal touch in them. They represent the local traditions of Odisha in their rawest form. Even the prints done on this saree are very low key yet elegant and decent. They are available in both cotton and silk materials. If you are looking for a simple outfit, nothing can beat this saree from Odisha. And this is why it forms a crucial part of every woman’s wardrobe.

4. Muga saree from Assam

Now this is something exclusive to the state of Assam. Muga silk is a material available only in Assam. It is widely known all over the country for its high durability and a slight yellowish and golden tint which differentiates these sarees from the others. Muga silk also has a glossy sheen of its own and therefore these sarees impart an elegance to the women wearing them. If you haven’t yet bought a saree made from the Muga silk, you should buy one soon.

5. Banarasi silk saree from Varanasi

When you talk of silk sarees in India, no conversation is ever complete without the mention of banarasi silk. These sarees have crept into …

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